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February 2020

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We survived the longest month of the year! Hello everyone, and happy first day of February 2020 – the one month of the year I seem to get the vowels the wrong way round in every single time I type it. Honestly, by the end of this post I’ll put a tally of how many times I misspelt February.

So as we were just saying, January is well and truly gone. I know that really it’s not that much longer than any other month, but it did seem like a ridiculously long wait between pay days. Anyone else with me on that?

January 2020 – A Recap

January started out with a day of productivity – blogging, bullet journalling, cleaning, and just generally trying to get life back on track. We took down the decorations at our house, did a little bit of shopping in the sales, and had a family meal out at the local pub. Then it was back to work and back to reality – Open Uni work to do, the usual 9-5, and I had arranged to start back to guitar lessons so I desperately needed to squeeze in extra practises! The first week back to work was manic – not the slow ease back in we had hoped for or expected, but instead it was super busy, the couriers were causing their usual problems, and by the end of the week I honestly just wanted to curl up and sleep for a month. But instead I was out for dinner with Mum and Granny – a decent night, but the no fizzy drinks challenge was difficult when I was the designated driver for the evening! A weekend of guitar, blogging, uni work, and a family walk then led into another busy week of work, but this time I was ready for it. Well, I felt ready.  Still not sure if I’m fully up to date on everything that’s going on, but we’ll get there. I learnt a new song on guitar, taught my teacher a Taylor Swift song on the guitar (All Too Well – an easy 4 chord progression, but hey at least I can play 3 full songs now!), and then it was my half day from work. We just did a little shopping, and then home for dinner, but it was good to have the extra few hours. That weekend then was more walks, a trip to the pub to watch a rugby match, and then on Sunday was Dad’s birthday so we were out for lunch at the rugby club. And finally the last 2 weeks have been more just working, guitar, watching TV, going for walks, and generally just making sure I actually sleep enough to function!

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February 2020

February 2020 is looking set to be a quieter month – not that January was busy but you know what I mean.  Next weekend Mum is heading off to Scotland to see Rachel, then she’s going to be heading north to visit more family.  Rachel flies off to the Philippines next weekend for a month – which you can read all about here– so no doubt there will be tears and a lot of stressing over the next few days.  But apart from that, a few guitar lessons, and work, I don’t think there’s a lot happening in February 2020. In fact, now that I’m looking at my calendar, I suppose it’s time I started trying to find other things to do with my time! Otherwise February 2020 will be looking rather dull.

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Goals for January 2020

As always, it’s time to recap the goals I set myself for the last month.  How do we reckon I got on?

  1. 31 Days No Soda/Fizzy Drinks
    We made it! Damn it was hard some days – the ones when I was driving so couldn’t drink, or when I’d already had about 3 litres of water, wanted a drink, but didn’t want tea/coffee/alcohol/water. But I did it, and I’m actually really proud of myself! So much so, I’m going to have a celebratory glass of Diet Coke this afternoon! Or a gin and tonic. One of the two.
  2. Follow Savings Plans
    Well I stuck religiously to my savings plan for the month.  Between my Penny A Day challenge (which we’ve added a little extra rule to), my Saveopoly game in my bullet journal, and then I made a rule that any extra money I got was going into my savings. So I think we can say I achieved this one!

  3. Read Daily
    Okay so this one was a fail. By the 26th January, I’d actually only read for 14 days. But I did manage to bring myself back to reading after over a week of not touching a book, and I finished one full book this month – Girl Stop Apologising by Rachel Hollis – and got over half way through F*ck No by Sarah Knight. Fancy reading a review of Rachel’s book? I really should write that up…
  4. Post Weekly on here
    Achieved! And this has been one of my best months for views in a long long time. It’s been great being back into blogging though, even if I do find myself stressing when a post I’ve been enjoying writing doesn’t do as well as I’d hoped – the joys of blogging, am I right?

So there we have it! A solid 3 out of 4 – that’s not too bad, right? In fact, it leaves room for improvement, which was very much in my mind when I set about writing down my goals for this month. Again, I flicked back in my bullet journal to see what my goals for the year were (but you can check them out here) and then also looked at my 5 and 10 year goals pages to see what I could be focusing on this month that would help me on the road to them. This is what I came up with:

February 2020 Goals

  1. A month of no coffee.
    I decided after the success of the no fizzy drinks that really I drink too much coffee in general. January I managed to cut it down to 1 a day, but then even if I skipped one day I had a caffeine withdrawal headache, so we’re going coffee free for the month.  This could get interesting!
  2. Read Daily
    This one we are really going to try hard for this month.  On average, I was on my phone for 2 hours 40 minutes a day.  I know it’s not that bad, but that’s almost 3 hours a day I could be doing something else – like reading.
  3. Remove makeup daily.
    This one has actually been added to my habit tracker for this month because I am appalling at doing this. I don’t know why, but it requires so much more energy than I can commit to at night. So this is one thing I am going to commit to!
  4. Stick to 1 post a week.
    Now that I’m beginning to get back into blogging, it’s so tempting to try and blast out more posts than just once a week. But that’s what leads to the burnout and lack of posts at a later stage. So for now, we’re going to keep going with one new post a week. Does that sound fair?
  5. Weekly Budget
    Okay, so between today and the next pay day, I want to figure out a weekly budget, minus all my other expenses. Then, I’ll keep track of what I’m spending.  If at the end of the week I haven’t spent all my allowed budget for the week, then I transfer it into savings.  If I go over, then I need to deduct that from the following week’s budget.  Does that sound like an okay plan?

So there we have it! My goals for February 2020. And I’ve just realised that getting used to typing this for work is going to be fun… Especially on Monday when it’ll be 03/02/2020. Let’s hope I can get my fingers to do this properly!

PS – the misspelling of February? 10 times. The word only appears 8 times, and I misspelled it 10 times.


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