February 2016

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So February 2016. Another month has been and gone and while it wasn’t the busiest, January certainly did offer up some new starts. Rachel has adopted a kitten – Maisey. She was a stray wandering around the garden so Rachel took her to the vet to look for a microchip only to find none. So Maisey has become a part of the family, I’ll let you know more about her after I meet her next week! But for now, let’s take a look at February 2016.

Jason’s birthday was last week and while it was tamer than last year (really it couldn’t have been any more wild than last year) it was still a great night. Nuala and I made him a cake – gluten free cake is a pain in the ass to work with – in the shape/design of a burger by baking 3 layers (1 chocolate and 2 Victoria sponge) and then Nuala did her magic with the decorating. While I say gluten free cake is a nightmare to work with, given the fact I gave her 2 broken sponges and only 1 in one piece, Nuala’s decorating was brilliant!

Gluten Free cake decorated like a beef burger created in February 2016.
Jason’s Birthday Cake

January saw me setting a fun goal for myself – watch all the episodes of How I Met Your Mother from start to finish. With 215 episodes to get through between coming back to uni and the end of the month, I don’t think I did too badly. So my view on it is this: while I understand people being annoyed at the way it ended I was quite happy with the final set-up. Yes I agree it was a bit of a cop out the way they did it but still. Of all the characters though, Barney is my favourite. Think it’s because he is acted so well by NPH. Definitely worth watching.

On to my actual goals for February 2016. I did read one book at least, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I decided that this year I will try and read through all of the series again, it’s been that long since I last did. I went to Irish dancing every week it was on in January and made it to one boxfit class so I’m not feeling too bad about that. I didn’t manage to keep the sleeping 7 hours goal but I did try my best. And I’ve figured out a budget for this semester that should end well. If it hadn’t been for spending quite a bit on Jason’s birthday I would’ve managed to save about £70 this month! Even with buying a coffee from a coffee shop once a week and sending gifts to America.  Final goal was to keep up with work and so far this seems to be going to plan. I missed 3 lectures in January and have caught up on them all and have started revision notes for my subjects. Think I’m actually starting to work for uni! Not bad in February 2016 considering I started university in September 2014…

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February 2016

This month I hope to continue the keeping up with work. I missed a couple of lectures yesterday with being sick but have already caught up on them and am making sure I don’t fall behind. So that it’s easier for us to read my goals, here they are in list form!

  • Keep up with work again. This seems to be going well and I’m quite happy with the way it’s going. Who knows, this could be the semester for me!
  • Keep working on saving money. Every little helps and all that! Now that my seminars are starting up again, I will no longer be having my weekly coffee. Along with this (and not including the upcoming weekend when I plan on pizza) I will try and cut down on takeaways etc. At least I’m not wasting money on alcohol! Still on the same bottle of vodka I bought over the summer. Not bad, a bottle of vodka lasting from July 2015 until February 2016 at the earliest
  • Keep up with Irish dancing. I missed yesterday because I wasn’t feeling well but I’ll continue again next week.
  • Sleep. Just until I no longer feel tired. Could take a while!

So there we have it, what are your goals this month?

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