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That’s the only word to describe how I feel right now. Exhausted. Shattered. Knackered. Pooped. Just down right tired. But I am continuing my routine of blogging while on the ferry between Belfast and Cairnryan, so hello once again to all my old readers, and hello to anyone new to join us today! Boy is anyone new in for a treat. Well I guess you all are. What’s this, my fourth more chatty post in a row? You see, for anyone that missed it, I wrote a post a week ago about how disconnected I’ve been feeling from my blog. So while this post is a few hours late – again, sorry – it is part of me going through what I can only describe as couple’s therapy with my blog. However I won’t bore you all with those details in here, if you want to know more about why my blog and I are going through couples’ therapy then you can read all about it here.

So as I started off to say – I am exhausted. This weekend was spent gutting my flat in Glasgow to move me back across to Northern Ireland properly, and to be honest we haven’t stopped since I got up for work on Thursday morning. Here’s how the last few days have gone:

Thursday I rolled out of bed to head in for another day in the office. Believe it or not, it was my first “I don’t wanna go to work” moment since I started in this job 6 weeks ago. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go in to work, I just knew that once I left my bed I wouldn’t be back in it until Monday night! Now I know that’s really not long, but at 7am on Thursday it seemed like a lifetime away. However I got myself up out of bed, through the shower and off to work. It was a busy enough day, and when the clock struck 5 I could’ve happily gone straight home for a nap, except Thursdays are my weight watchers days. I was feeling slightly apprehensive about going. I had had a good loss the week before and didn’t really think it would be a good night on the scales. However I was proved wrong when I was told I had lost another 3 and a half pounds in weight! This has now put me at a total of 4 stone 4.5lbs off since I started my Weight Watchers journey back in June, and marks me as being 2 stone 2lbs off my own personal goal. But enough of that for now, I’ll update you all on that on Thursday again, and I’ve a specific post planned about it for March. I left Weight Watchers feeling so happy with myself, but I was also starving and couldn’t wait to get in for dinner. I drove into the street to have to navigate around the huge van we had rented, and ran into the house for dinner. After a quick meal, I showered, finished packing, watched a bit of TV, and at around 10pm Dad and I headed off to the boat. We were loaded early and started off. The boat was relatively quiet, and we both managed a nap while on board. Docking at around 2:30am, we made the long drive from Cairnryan up to Cumbernauld, getting to my flat at around 4:30am. Needless to say, we only unloaded the necessary luggage, threw some water into the fridge, and climbed into bed around 5ish to try and get some sleep.

Friday morning the sun woke me around 7:30am after what worked out as just over 2 hours sleep. While I was unimpressed with the lack of sleep, I gathered myself, got out of bed, and headed in for some breakfast. Dad and I agreed that really the most sensible thing to do would be to put away my Christmas decorations first, and then just sort of follow the flow of what made the most sense. Clearing away the decorations led us to pretty much clear the living room, and we continued on again from there until it was time to leave for Rachel. As always, the one way system in Glasgow got the better of us, and so we added an extra 20 minutes of driving to the route by the time we figured out where we needed to be. With Rachel on board, we took a quick stop in Asda to grab some groceries, but our heads weren’t really sure what we were doing so I’m pretty sure we could’ve done a better shop had we been thinking. That evening we took a quick drink in the local pub before heading home to have dinner and watch the France v Italy game of the Six Nations Championship. Needless to say, France trounced Italy, Dad was in bed shortly after 9pm, and Rachel and I weren’t far behind him.

Saturday started with us all awake at 7:30am, and Rachel was impressed that she was awake before 8am having had 9 hours sleep! It’s amazing what happens when you’re tired out! By the time we all got breakfast and through the shower, we did a little bit of packing – mainly the last few things that could be packed before Monday – and waited for my aunt and uncle to arrive. They came shortly after 11 to pick up some things they’d let me borrow for the flat, and we all had a cup of coffee and some cake to celebrate my uncle’s birthday. After they left, we continued with a bit of the packing before we stopped to have lunch just as the Ireland v Wales game started. Rachel and I were both saying before the match that we were quite nervous for it, and it turned out we had every reason to be! It was an incredibly tight game, and Ireland kept giving away stupid penalties (although I saw someone claim that the ref was very biased against Wales… run that by me again please?) so it was with raw throats and sore hands that the match finished with a final try, securing the win for Ireland. With a bit of a gap between the two games of the day, we took a quick walk round to the local shop to pick up a few more things that we had forgotten to buy in Asda the day before, and somehow we made it home just on time to see the start of the Scotland v England game. Rachel had announced during our walk that if Scotland won their match she would run arounf the street naked – a bet she later came to regret! England put up a good fight, even if there were a few questionable tackles that Nigel Owens seemed to miss, but Scotland were victorious! The Ireland v Scotland match in 2 weeks is going to be very interesting to say the least! We walked back to the local pub for our dinner (we’d already packed all the kitchen things) and had a good dinner there. A round of drinks –  a gin and lemonade, 2 gins, and one tonic – was only £6.95! I was amazed! Instead of staying and making the most of the cheap drinks, we went back to the flat to watch The Voice, and took an earlyish night again.

Sunday was the say of heavy lifting. Awake again before 9am, we all were breakfasted and through the shower pretty early. Dad and Rachel decided they wanted to move the washing machine (the heaviest item) first, before their muscles were sore from all the other boxes. It took a good amount of maneuvering, and Rachel announced half way down a flight of stone steps that she maybe shouldn’t have put hand cream on, but we got the machine into the van, and so began the proper loading. Sofas, chairs, kitchen tables, fridge freezers, everything was loaded in. We were left with a couple of chairs, the TV, our bedding for the night, and a plate and mug each. it was 2 o’clock and we seemed to be done! Everyone was shattered, and muscles were twinging as everyone began to relax. Now before either of them claim I can’t complain – I am a weakling. I can barely carry one of those cardboard bottle carriers when they’ve a bottle in each section. So I was being given the lightest things to carry, but it doesn’t mean I found them light! Rachel’s bus was booked back to Edinburgh for 4 o’clock, so we changed out of our scruffy clothes and took her back into the city centre. On the way back, Dad and I stopped in to see Jordanne briefly, but with both Leon and her gran not feeling well we didn’t want to stay too long. Dad and I did a little more tidying around the flat, vacuuming the rooms and organising our belongings, all while deliberating over dinner. In the end, we just decided to head back to the local pub. Food is good there, drink is cheap, and it meant we didn’t have to worry about driving for a takeaway. After dinner, we went home to watch some TV, however neither of us were comfortable, and my little TV decided to play us up a bit, so we gave up and took an early night.

Of course, Sunday’s early night meant that we were both awake from around 7am this morning. We took as leisurely a breakfast as possible, got washed and dressed, and began to pack the final few items around the flat. What time were we done by? 9:45am. What time was the landlord coming to inspect the place? 11am. So of course Dad paced and muttered and just generally got annoyed that no one ever comes early when you want them to, and I sat scrolling through Facebook and Twitter to kill time. At 11 o’clock, someone from the agency arrived to take a final walk around the flat, take note of the meter readings, and accept my keys into their custody. I was done and free to go! I was kind of sad to say goodbye to the flat, but I was also at the stage of just wanting to get away. Dad drove (insurance for me to drive was ridiculous) until we were just outside Girvan, and then we stopped for lunch in this little cafe that was very cute, served great food, and we would definitely stop there again! I couldn’t even tell you the name of it off the top of my head, but coming from Girvan to Cairnryan, it’s just before the little farm shop and on the same side of the road.

Okay we were at the boat a little early, but we got loaded on quickly enough, and once on the boat Dad settled down for a snooze and I decided to start writing this blog post.

So that was what I got up to this weekend! And it’s possibly the longest post I’ve written in a while, and not helped by the lack of photos… so if you stuck with me until the end then thank you very much!

What did you get up to over the weekend? Let me know below!

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  3. mindbeautysimplicity

    I loved this writing style! It felt like I was just catching up with an old friend at a coffee shop. I held onto every word and was picturing your days as I was reading it. Great post!

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