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Escaping for the day

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Well yesterday’s exam was shit. And I apologise because normally I try my best to avoid swearing on this blog but there is simply no other way to describe how that paper went. Needless to say, this post has been scheduled and I’ll be cramming daily for paper 2 of the exam. However, as I was sobbing into my pillow, my friend (who has asked to be known on here as Pablo) messaged and asked did I want to meet him in Edinburgh for a different kind of day just to escape the monotony of revision etc. After a few minutes deliberating, I decided to stuff it and be spontaneous. Within 20 minutes I was on a megabus to Edinburgh and I was excited.

Spontaneous days are always the best ones, would you agree? We went for lunch at Pizza Hut and got the buffet lunch – £7.50 for as much pizza, pasta and salad as you can eat? Yes please! After lunch, Pablo suggested we take a walk along the Royal Mile since it had been quite some time since either of us had been there. All around us, people were setting up for Edinburgh Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival. As the festival officially opens on Friday, we were just enjoying the excitement when suddenly people were offering us fliers for shows on that afternoon or evening.

One man, Oli, who spotted us told us about the show he had written called Happy Dave that would be on in The Pleasance Courtyard. After chatting to us for a bit, he offered us 2 free tickets to come see it and I’m so glad we accepted them!

Escaping for the day Life With Ktkinnes
Happy Dave was simply hilarious. Opening with Dave and his girlfriend Molly, the two are looking out over a field where Dave is DJing for an illegal rave, or as Molly put it “the loud sequence of repetitive sounds” (I think… It was 7 hours ago). The police show up, as predicted, and suddenly we’re thrown into the future where Dave is ‘of a certain age’ and working with a group of 20-something year olds. He chats with one of them and they get talking about music and raves. A few days later, his colleague invites him to a rave with some of her friends and the story continues from there. With some very witty jokes, some subtle and some less so, I barely noticed the time passing! I would seriously recommend seeing Happy Dave if you were to be in the area over the next few weeks. Just think, if what I saw was one of their first run throughs in the courtyard, imagine how good it’ll be when they sort out the few minor glitches with music and lighting! Definitely a 5 star performance.


Straight after this, in the same room, we had tickets to see Daphne’s Second Show. We’d been handed these tickets very last minute and so had no idea who or what this was going to be, so you can imagine our surprise as 3 men came dancing onto the stage to the Pokemon theme tune! It became very clear quite quickly that this would be almost like a standup comedy act. A mixture of short sketches, long sketches, songs and some hilarious one liners had those of us in the audience laughing practically non stop from start to finish. I’d probably give them a 4 out of 5 as a rating, simply because there was a repeated joke that I didn’t really find funny but apart from that one it was really one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while!

I walked out at the end of these 2 shows with a smile on my face that I know hadn’t really been there for a while, and no I’m not counting holiday because who isn’t happy on holiday? Pablo really knows the best ways to cheer me up or distract me! Finally, we walked to the Pleasance Dome to see magician Ben Hanlin from the ITV2 show, Tricked. Now, while tickets to see Ben weren’t free, Pablo was really excited at the prospect of seeing him so £6 for a ticket certainly wasn’t unreasonable! What was slightly unreasonable was the delayed starting time of 9:10pm instead of the 8:30pm time stated on the ticket. Thank goodness for late night trains, am I right? Apart from this minor irritant, Ben’s show was really good! He got the right level of humour in to keep us interested while he set up each trick, something I wasn’t expecting. Ticket prices increase for his show as they enter the full swing of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe however they are selling two tickets for the price of one on Monday and Tuesday next week (8th and 9th)!

Finally, Pablo and I headed to the train station where we parted ways – he’s staying with his mum at the minute and I’m returning to Glasgow. It was a great day out and I’m now feeling ready to launch myself into a day of revision tomorrow before Rachel arrives. If you have any free time over the next couple of weeks, try and get to Edinburgh. There’s something for everyone and it’s definitely worth the money getting there!
Ktkinnes xx

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