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While I’m catching up on some blog posts, I decided it was about time I shared the details about the great NI Blogger Brunch we had at Eddie Rockets on the Lisburn Road last month. Shall we dive right in?

Jumping out of the car into the glorious heat on the Lisburn Road, I was excited and nervous about going to my third ever NI Blogger Brunch. Eddie Rockets looked so enticing, especially with a gorgeous open top car out the front where many bloggers were posing to get their photos taken. Finding some friends, I stood in the sun, sipping on prosecco and getting excited for the brunch that was to come.

We were invited to come along for a tasty trial of Eddie Rockets’ delicious breakfast and lunch menu, and of course I was going to say yes! Who doesn’t love a bit of good food, great chat, and a chance to catch up with friends while finding a new place to go for further catch ups.

Moving inside, we were all loving the interior, and had a good look round. Mini jukeboxes, leather seats, and we felt like we were taking a trip into an authentic American diner.

As always, the lovely Cathy kicked off the morning, introducing us to the team working at Eddie Rockets, however her welcoming chat was cut short by the arrival of some delicious looking chicken wings that we just had to dive on there and then. They were the Buffalo Chicken Wings – lightly seasoned buffalo wings with celery sticks and blue cheese sauce on the side. Anyone ordering from Eddie Rockets have the option to have these served “nude” or with one of 4 delicious sounding marinades. It really is safe to say that next time I’m in, I will definitely be ordering some more of those wings!

Eddie Rockets NI Blogger Brunch Life With Ktkinnes

After getting a bit of food and a nice cold drink, we were treated to some dancing and some brilliant music that you couldn’t help but sing along to. More photos were taken, and before long the tables were being cleared to make way for the next round of food.

We were next treated to some delicious Sliders served with onion rings, and an amazing Grilled Chicken Salad that looked just too good to be true. Note being, it was true, and it was delicious. I honestly would never get bored of eating that chicken salad.

Eddie Rockets NI Blogger Brunch Life With KtkinnesEddie Rockets NI Blogger Brunch Life With Ktkinnes

As we finished off the mains, our milkshakes arrived and oh. my. goodness. I have never had as good a milkshake. Over here, we have a milkshake place called Cookie Box. There are similar ones around the U.K., but in essence, you make milkshakes out of chocolate bars or sweets. So imagine my surprise when my Rocky Road milkshake beat all the other chocolate milkshakes I have ever tried before!

Eddie Rockets NI Blogger Brunch Life With Ktkinnes

Enjoying our drinks and beginning to feel rather full, a waitress came over carrying two bowls of fries – one plain and to die for, and the other loaded with bacon and cheese. While I didn’t eat the bacon and cheese fries, they looked incredible. Looking at the menu since, I am slightly sad we didn’t get to try either the sweet potato fries or the chilli fries, but it’s just an excuse to go back again soon!

Eventually the event came to an end, and to be honest I didn’t eat again until late that evening – I was still so full from the delicious food we got to eat! So you can imagine my excitement when I saw that Eddie Rockets do a Call and Collect service. That menu is now proudly added to the take-away menus in the office for when we’re next struggling to think of what to have for lunch.

So all in all, I had a really good meal down at Eddie Rockets, and would highly recommend you all go try it out! Anyone else been to Eddie Rockets? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know below!

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