Ed Sheeran and Edinburgh

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Well it may have taken a week, but I am finally somewhat catching up on sleep after my weekend in Scotland for Ed Sheeran and Edinburgh! How are you all this Monday morning? If you’re anything like me, that snooze button was looking pretty damn attractive a few minutes ago.

So not the weekend just gone, but the weekend before, I was over in Scotland for a flying visit. Last year, after Rachel passed her exams and got into uni, I gave her tickets to see Ed Sheeran in Glasgow the following June. The weekend of the concert finally came round, and with it was an early start! A weekend starting with Ed Sheeran and Edinburgh to finish was going to be great fun!


Friday – Ed Sheeran Day

Friday morning, as I said, started around very quickly. A quick shower, wash of the hair, and out the door for 6:30, Sarah and I were still half asleep on the drive to the ferry. Once on board we managed to wake up a little, had some breakfast, and chatted about life in general. In fact, by the time we reached Cairnryan, we were both wide awake, singing along to some Robbie Williams, and ready to start the two and a half drive to Glasgow. Now, I don’t know how many of you have tried the drive, but there are some whacky drivers on that road! Even sitting here 10 days later I’m surprised we made it to the west end without being hit, but anyway. We arrived at the hotel, the Devoncove Hotel, and couldn’t check in so Sarah and I got changed in the bathrooms while waiting for Rachel. Once everyone was ready, we took a dander into the city centre to grab some lunch. Decision made that a Wetherspoon’s was our best bet (pitchers anyone?), I messaged a few friends to see if anyone was free for a catch up, so over some Sex on the Beach and a chicken wrap I had a great chat with Jason, Yannick, Rachel and Sarah. Soon it was time to head to the concert – just as the rain tried to start! But it stopped again, and the sun was splitting the sky as we sat waiting to get in through the doors. All I will say is we had a fantastic night! You can watch my SnapChat Stories on the video below. Ed Sheeran is one person I would go to see over and over again. And I actually quite enjoyed Anne Marie – something I wasn’t expecting!

Once the concert ended, it was slightly chaotic. The police had blocked off the road to the train, and were directing everyone “down the hill to join the queue”. Mayhem wouldn’t begin to cover it. What hill? Where was the queue? Were we guaranteed to get a train even if we did queue? One helpful policeman told us it was a half hour walk to the city centre, and even though I knew it was longer, we believed him and started walking. Three miles. Three flipping miles, and not having eaten since about 2:30pm, we reached a 24 hour McDonalds just after midnight and dived on our food. Getting to the city centre, having a bit of food and a seat, we were finally on our way back to the hotel so we could finally check in.

The room was perfectly fine for the night. It was comfy, clean, and great for what we wanted – somewhere to lie down, sleep for a couple of hours, and just wake up feeling a bit refreshed. The bathroom was small, think broom cupboard Harry Potter style, but again it was clean and served its purpose.  I can’t speak for the others, but I woke up feeling so refreshed and ready for the day ahead!


Saturday and Edinburgh

So as you may have guessed from the title of this post, we split the weekend in half between Ed Sheeran and Edinburgh. After we all freshened up and got our bearings again, we headed out for a spot of breakfast. We found a little cafe on the Kelvingrove side of Argyle Street where the breakfast menu looked decent and what we were in the mood for. Except they were out of rolls, so our only options were a fry, or a vegetarian fry. Not the best start, but we were still hungry from the night before so took our time eating and enjoying the sun.

When we finished up, we collected the car and drove into the city centre again. Rachel, Sarah and I were somewhat looking into a walk in tattoo, but when they couldn’t take us until late afternoon we just decided to nosey round a few shops before heading to Edinburgh.  The heat of the day meant we somewhat regretted not having bottles of water, so we started our road trip to Edinburgh with water and sweets. Sarah managed to doze off in the back, so Rachel and I sat singing along to the music, and got to Edinburgh just a little after half one. We spent the afternoon chatting with Rachel’s flatmates, and soon it was time for dinner and predrinks.


I will be 100% honest here though. The night started with wine with dinner, so I decided to stick with the wine for the time being. Then halfway through beer pong, I decided I wanted my share of the beer and peach schnapps. Then… well then the tequilla was produced. There’s still a little uncertainty about how much I actually had, but I was rather drunk by the time we left for the club. I don’t really remember the journey there (but apparently I’ve seen the statue of Greyfriar’s Bobby now!), nor do I overly remember actually being in the club… but I do know I had a good time!


Sunday and Home

Sunday morning came around way too fast. Breakfast was a serious struggle, even after a good long shower. We dropped Sarah off at the airport, and headed back to the flat to finish up packing. Rachel’s relocating to Glasgow for the month for her placement, so she had some final packing to do. Her friends were catching me up on aspects of the night that I’d forgotten, and we began to feel a little less hungover. Eventually it was time to leave, so we loaded the car and started the hour long trip to Glasgow. Now I don’t know how anyone can do long car journeys after a night out, and I certainly don’t know how we managed it in the heat of last Sunday. But we did it. We finally got to Glasgow and unloaded the car. After a little while, I said my goodbyes to Rachel and jumped in a taxi to the airport.


When I finally got home, I just counted the hours until it was time for bed. I had a fantastic weekend, and while I loved every second of it, I don’t think I’ll be repeating it for a long long time. To be honest, I’m not even sure Rachel’s friends would have me back, never mind Rachel… but we can go into the whys and why nots at another time.


Now that you’re a little more caught up on what I’ve been up to, I suppose it’s time to get up and start getting ready for work. I finished watching Season 3 of You Me Her last night, so I’m not entirely sure what to watch while getting ready… anyone any suggestions?

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  1. Bexa

    Wow! I would love to see Ed Sheeran, I think he is fantastic! Lucky you! Sounds like you had a great time and such a fun weekend. I remember times where I got so drunk before the club I don’t remember being there either he he 🙈. It’s all good fun though and glad you had an awesome time in Edinburgh Katie 💖 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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