Easyhair: An Honest Review [AD]

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AD – PR PRODUCT: Easyhair | Happy Friday everyone! I think it’s safe to say I’ve been spoiling you this week – 4 posts in 4 consecutive days? You’d almost think I was taking part in Blogtober or something! Well, I can tell you that I’m not as my brain is still very much focused on Blogmas and Christmas With Ktkinnes, but we’ll come to that soon! Today I wanted to share my thoughts on the new Easyhair stick that’s been circulating on social media for the last few weeks. While I was sent the Easyhair stick for free in exchange for a photo to be used on their website and socials, I wanted to share my honest thoughts with you all on here.

So what is the Easyhair stick? And where did it appear from? If you remember during lockdown, one of my key silver linings was how healthy my hair was – I had managed to get back down to washing it just twice a week! But now I’m back to work, I’m not spending as much time outside, nor am I drinking as much water, and I can honestly say my hair seems to hate me. So much so, I seem to spend a lot of my time tying my hair back off my face so I don’t see it.

unrecognizable woman making ponytail against white background. Easyhair Smooth Stick can be used to smooth flyaway hairs of ponytail.
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As a teenager, founder Jacqueline asked her mum not to use so much hair spray. She was worried about her mum’s health with the constant use of hairspray. Twenty years later, her mum has lost lots of hair and has completely stopped using hair spray. Having always been told ‘good hair is a girl’s best friend’, Jacqueline founded Easyhair to help her mum look and feel good every day.

What Is Easyhair?

The Easyhair stick is described as the perfect solution to tame your everyday flyaways, baby hairs, and dry ends. Unlike hairspray and bobby pins, the Easyhair Smooth Hair Stick leaves your hair looking and feeling soft, smooth and natural. With their proprietary Grease-Free formula, you can even sleep in it without your hair getting greasy.

How To Use

Brush through your dry hair from the roots to smooth out baby hairs, flyaways, and dry ends. Re-apply the next day to get another Easyhair day!

My Thoughts on Easyhair

Well. It certainly holds back those baby hairs! As I say, my hair hasn’t been behaving the best, so I’ve been tying it back or pinning it back quite regularly. The Easyhair Smooth Hair Stick certainly tidies my baby hairs and tucks them neatly out of the way, however I do have one small issue with it. The Grease-Free formula only really works on clean hair. If, like me, you’re using it on a day when you haven’t had a chance to wash your hair and so have pulled it back quickly to hide your natural grease, I personally found that the Easyhair stick accentuated the grease. Possibly just me since as I say my hair has been having a few issues lately, but worth remembering before using! On the other hand, when I’ve used it on a clean hair day the results have been great! So my advice would be to try it and see for yourself if it’s okay for you on greasy hair days.

Where/How To Buy

The Easyhair Smooth Hair Stick is available online for just $19 from the Easyhair website. Free worldwide shipping is applied to all orders over $13, and delivery times may vary depending on your location. For more information, simply scroll down on the product information page where you will find approximate lead times for delivery.

One thought on “Easyhair: An Honest Review [AD]

  1. Kayleigh Zara

    It’s such a shame that you found that it made your hair slightly greasier even though the product did work! It sounds like such a handy little device x

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