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Easy Pancakes for Breakfast 2022!

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So as usual coming down to breakfast I decided not to have the usual toast etc but wanted something more substantial and somewhat healthier. That’s when I remembered my favourite easy pancakes recipe out of The Student Cookbook. Easy pancakes that are perfect for breakfast any day of the week!

Having bought myself The Student Cookbook for going to University, I have made good use of many of the recipes from this book. These easy pancakes are always a good decision, no matter when you make them. This is the basic recipe I follow for a simple batch of easy pancakes – quickly made, and perfect for breakfast. So much so that I have become chief pancake maker in our home for Shrove Tuesday! Regardless of whether you prefer yours with fruit and yoghurt or smothered in chocolate spread, trust me when I say these easy pancakes will become a firm favourite in your own house. Learn a skill for life with the below fool-proof easy pancake recipe that ensures perfect pancakes every time – elaborate flip optional! If you prefer crepes, a cheat’s version would be to just make the following pancakes a lot thinner. The bonus of doing that is you get more of these breakfast pancakes!

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Easy, classic, homemade breakfast pancakes that are fluffy, tender, buttery, golden brown, and lightly sweet – everything easy pancakes should be. Way better than the packaged mix and made with everyday staple ingredients. I’m not saying you should throw away those packaged mixes you have in the cupboard, but this recipe is going to be even better than those, and probably a lot cheaper in the long run too. Plus, these pancakes are suitable for freezing. Just allow the to fully cool, wrap well with a thin sheet of greaseproof paper between each pancake, and freeze for up to 3 months. Remember to fully defrost them a few at a time! They can then be reheated by sticking in a microwave for short bursts, or toasted lightly if you make them thick enough.

Pancakes are a super easy, go-to breakfast that never disappoint. They’re something everyone always looks forward too. Ridiculously easy to whip up, they’re perfectly hearty and the topping options are endless. But of course you can’t go wrong with a slathering of rich creamy butter and a generous waterfall of warm maple syrup. That glistening small stack of pancakes is a feast for the eyes and the taste buds every time.

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Does the above paragraph make you salivate at the thought of pancakes? Do you love them, but worry about disrupting your healthy eating routine? Worry not! Pancakes can be made in countless ways, and this healthy pancake recipe will satisfy your cravings without adding too many calories to your plate. Plus, weekends don’t count. And if they’re light and fluffy, then surely there must be more air in these easy pancakes than anything else?

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To be honest, when I’m in the mood for something a little different, I tend to make my blueberry and almond pancakes. They just seem a little more sophisticated when making pancakes for others, and the texture is so different and yet perfect. However, if you’re new to making pancakes from scratch then I highly recommend the below easy breakfast pancakes to get you started. We can experiment on flavours and textures at a later stage!

This is a brilliant help for those of us who aren’t culinarily talented and trying to work with a budget. The pancakes I made today were lovely; warm and fresh with a little bit of lemon juice over them but you can try them any way you like. Somehow I always manage to make 10 though so there are some left over for a bedtime snack tonight and breakfast tomorrow. What’s your favourite breakfast treat?

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Pancake Ingredients

Pancake Method

  1. Put the flour and salt into a bowl and create a “well” in the middle.
  2. Pour the egg and a little milk into the well, and whisk thoroughly.
  3. Slowly keep adding the milk, whisking well each time until you have a smooth batter.
  4. Transfer your batter into a jug.
  5. Heat your oil or butter in a pan over a high heat until you see smoke rising from the pan then remove the oil/butter into a small heatproof dish.
  6. Pour your better into the pan, tilting until the base is covered in a thin layer. Alternatively, spoon out smaller thicker pancakes.
  7. When bubbled begin to appear and the bottom is a golden brown colour, turn your pancakes and cook on the other side.
  8. Transfer onto a plate, and continue until you run out of batter.
  9. Serve with either a sweet or savoury filling and enjoy!
Easy Pancakes for Breakfast 2022! Life With Ktkinnes

If you’ve had enough of eating pancakes, toast, or cereal for breakfast day in and day out, then boy have I a treat for you. This perfect vegetarian breakfast looks incredibly impressive, and works brilliantly as a brunch at the weekend. Have you ever made a breakfast burger? You need to try this one! I discovered it when taking part in the Joe Wicks 90 Day Body Plan as part of my weight loss journey, and it remains a firm favourite for breakfast any time I have a chance to make it. What I particularly loved about this breakfast was purely the fact it was a breakfast or a lunch or a brunch, and it was something I could make for my parents if we were in the mood for a more substantial breakfast some weekend.


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