Irresistible Earrings for Christmas with Alice Lizzy | AD Life With Ktkinnes

Irresistible Earrings for Christmas with Alice Lizzy | AD

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Happy Monday one and all! It’s been a strange weekend, and I can’t believe that I actually have all my Christmas presents bought before 1st December. But that’s 2020 for you, a year of strange events! If, however, you’re not sorted for all your Christmas presents, today’s post is another small business you could and should support this year by buying earrings from Alice Lizzy!

Alice from Alice Lizzy reached out to me in October to see if I would be interested in receiving and reviewing her Christmas Bundle to help raise awareness of her brand. Having spoken with Alice a few times over the month leading up to this, I of course said yes – I wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity to help raise awareness of someone’s small business!

About Alice Lizzy

Alice started the brand, Alice Lizzy, in late June 2020, and admits it has grown bigger and faster than she ever dreamt it would. Having started the business as a creative outlet during Lockdown Part One, Alice found herself a fashion design student with not a lot she could do while waiting for the next academic year to start. Now that classes are back again, Alice finds herself a full time student who runs her small business entirely on her own in any free time she has. Alice Lizzy as a brand caters for a young, feminine audience; something Alice reflects in her vibrant and exciting branding. Her jewellery is designed to be trend-led and fashionable.

Alice’s Christmas Gift Box of Earrings

I’ve been eyeing up Alice’s clay earrings for a few months now. In fact, I had planned on using some of my Christmas money to buy a few sets of them after the big day is through and we’re waiting for the new year! In particular, I was looking forward to getting my hands on her white clay ones with gold leaf and spikes. So you can imagine my delight when they actually arrived in the Christmas earrings box!

The Clay Earrings Christmas Box

The Alice Lizzy Christmas Box of earrings includes 4 sets of clay earrings with an RRP of £17. But buying the Christmas Box means you get them for just £10! Earrings included are the Reverse Lottie Statement Clay Earrings, the Red Flower Clay Earrings, the Gold Leaf & White Clay Earrings with Small Gold Spike (my favourite!) and the Glitter Grey Clay Love Heart Studs. The packaging is 100% recyclable, making it perfect for those of us who are eco-conscious, and each gift box comes with the option of adding a personal message – meaning you can send it direct your friends or family you can’t see face to face! Please note, the stud and push back come as stainless steel as standard. However customers can choose to upgrade this to sterling silver for an extra cost of £4. Inside the box is a little note from Alice on how to care for your clay earrings in the way of storage and cleaning.

Irresistible Earrings for Christmas with Alice Lizzy | AD Life With Ktkinnes

Reverse Lottie Statement Clay Earrings

Description: Circle statement earrings from The Lottie Collection. Black clay with hand painted white polkadots. Perfect for any occasion or gift. Stainless steel stud back.
These earrings are perfect for those days when you want to make a proper statement with your earrings! Having worn a similar style of earring created by another small brand, I was concerned that these would be too heavy for me to feel comfortable wearing. How wrong was I?! I actually managed to wear these all day in work and wouldn’t have known I had earrings in! They were light and not at all bulky for taking phone calls from customers. Because I wear a lot of black and blue in the office, these are definitely going to become a part of my self-imposed work uniform in 2021! Definitely a must-buy.

Irresistible Earrings for Christmas with Alice Lizzy | AD Life With Ktkinnes

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Red Flower Clay Earrings

Description: These autumnal clay earrings will go with any outfit!
Again, perfectly light and comfortable to wear all day every day! Personally, I’m not sure I would wear them as “Christmas” earrings, as if I need red earrings I tend to wear my Santa ones, but they’re still adorable! To be honest, I’m looking forward to wearing them in the spring! if red isn’t really your colour, these come in a multitude of different colours if you’re looking to buy now for spring or summer.

Irresistible Earrings for Christmas with Alice Lizzy | AD Life With Ktkinnes

Gold Leaf and White Clay with Small Gold Spike

Description: Bring out your inner queen with these magisterial and powerful earrings, featuring a tasteful and eye-catching golden spike. Whether you’re dining with royalty, or simply socialising with the girls, these earrings, with their inlaid gold leaf, will amplify your elegance and sophistication and leave the room in awe.
Okay yes these are my absolute favourites in the Christmas Box from Alice Lizzy. They would go perfectly with the majority of my Christmas outfits. Plus, again, they’re so comfy to wear for long periods of time! So if you’re planning on getting dolled up on Christmas Day regardless of the restrictions, these can be put in the second you get out of bed and you won’t want to take them out until bedtime after your full day of eating, drinking, and being merry!

Irresistible Earrings for Christmas with Alice Lizzy | AD Life With Ktkinnes

Glitter Grey Clay Love Heart Studs

Okay so these are unique to the Christmas Box set that you can get! I’ve borrowed the below description from similar earrings on Alice’s Etsy shop:
Description: Love is in the air! And I don’t just mean romance; you’re going to love these beautiful heart-shaped stud earrings! These cute little studs will definitely draw the eye, and will add a dash of colour to your everyday outfit.
When I say I’m in love with these hearts, I mean it! The majority of the jewellery I own is silver, so the glittery grey studs are perfect for day to day wearing, and don’t look too festive if you’re surrounded by Scrooges this year!

Irresistible Earrings for Christmas with Alice Lizzy | AD Life With Ktkinnes

All in all,I’m delighted with Alice’s earrings in her Christmas Box, and highly recommend getting your hands on them – even if not the Christmas Box but some of the others on her Etsy store! But hurry, because until the end of November you can get free delivery within the UK! Plus, I have a special discount code to share with you. Use code GIFTGUIDE20 for 20% off any product on Alice’s shop! What’re you waiting for? You can find Alice’s Etsy shop here, or follow her on Instagram or Twitter for updates on sales, new product launches and more!


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