Dude Where’s My Car and Other Questions

dude where's my car movie poster
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Good evening! That’s been a long day. Tonight I decided to watch Dude Where’s My Car. I’m currently trying to make my way through an apparent list of “must see” films, listed by friends in uni. We used a Sunday night during the year to watch one a week so I thought I’d better try and continue now over the summer, which is why tonight I decided to watch Dude Where’s My Car. What were my thoughts? well, keep reading to find out!

Dude Where’s My Car Review

To be honest I’m not 100% sure why they thought I’d like it…  IMdB gives the plot summary as “Jesse and Chester, two bumbling stoners, wake up one morning from a night of partying and cannot remember where they parked their car which prompts them on a journey to find it and along the way, they encounter a variety of people who include their angry girlfriends Wilma and Wanda whose house they trashed, an angry street gang, a transsexual stripper hounding them for a suitcase full of stolen money, a cult of alien seeking fanatics, and a group of aliens in human form looking for a mystical device that could save or destroy the world.”

Dude Where's My Car Movie Poster
Dude Where’s My Car Movie Poster

Now to be honest, if you’re in the mood for a film that’s light and quite funny then sure go for it – watch Dude Where’s My Car! The first half hour sort of was too long to set the scene but once it got to the Twins’ house it was more tolerable. Chloe from 24 even appears! Although when she showed up it made me wonder should I have watched 24 instead considering what point I am at in season 6… But that’s for another post, sorry for rambling. Back to the review. There are a few faces you might recognise – Ashton Kutcher and Bob Clendenin to name two! Basically, as an overview, the film was okay to kill time. Would I have spent money on it? No. But it was definitely worth crossing off the list even if just to say I’ve experienced it as a film.

For being over a decade old Dude Where’s My Car is surprisingly well dated, even if it’s not my cup of tea.  The humour is still relatively funny (if it’s your sense of humour) and the story is so simple that it’ll probably hold up for another couple of decades at least. I mean, do I see my children’s children watching it in years to come? Probably not. But still, it’s light hearted and enjoyable enough.  Ashton and Stifler make a good comedy team in Dude Where’s My Car. As the film is classed as a “stoner movie”, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Especially given it’s rated a 15 here in the UK. But in Dude Where’s My Car there’s barely any weed smoking and zero nudity!  Some people may complain saying “what kind of stoner movie only has a dog as it only weed smoker?!” but for my tastes in films I certainly wasn’t complaining.  Even without any nudity or smoke, Dude Where’s My Car is questionably worth watching. 

The “Other Questions” Part…

Now I am away to read the fourth book in the Housewife Assassin series. They’re brilliant! I would definitely would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a light read. And the decision is made, I’m definitely getting a turtle tattoo. But where? Let me know in the comments below please! I’m semi leaning towards it being on my wrist, but I’m not sure. And I kind of want a mini tattoo. You know like the ones people get on their fingers? Like that size but on my wrist.

Final thought before sleep – I need a goal for tomorrow. Thinking away from revision and the usual goals of a healthier lifestyle, my goal for tomorrow is to find something new to do or learn as a hobby over the next year. Wish me luck and as ever, thank you for reading tonight!

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