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Driving Home For Christmas

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Happy Christmas Eve Eve everybody! It’s a Monday evening now, and you can bet that this post was scheduled to go live this morning and then I somehow reverted it to a draft! But today I wanted to share with you all my thoughts on Driving Home For Christmas.

Now that I’ve managed to catch up on a bit of sleep and gather my thoughts, today’s post is a review of Driving Home For Christmas, which has been running in The Lyric in Belfast and will be running until the 4th of January 2020.


Grimes and McKee are back with another Lyric Christmas special!

Welcome to the Dander Inn, deep in the Sperrins, one of the many claimants to being the highest pub in Ireland. It is Christmas Eve and a once-in-a-century snowstorm rages over the country. Various travellers take refuge in the pub as the road becomes impassable.

All communication with the outside world has been cut off by the storm. It soon becomes clear that they will have to camp out in the pub, until they can be rescued. Nobody wants to be there, but they take solace in the fact that there are worse places to spend the night than a pub, right?

When the Superser runs out of gas they huddle together for heat and getting really, really hangry, they tell stories to remind themselves that it’s Christmas and begin to wonder, are they trapped, or are they prisoners? And will they ever make it out..?

Recommended age: 14+


When we last went to The Lyric for one of their Christmas shows, it was What The Donkey Saw back in 2016 – written by the same team, and we were hopeful we would have as good a night on Saturday as we had back in 2016.


The cast (Ruby Campbell, Gary Crossan, Conor Grimes, Alan McKee, Rod McKey and Ali White) were fantastic. I mean, I know I can be positive about these things, but the 6 of them played probably a total of 25 characters throughout the show, and each of them was brilliant in their own right.

The music was predominantly Christmas themed, but I was delighted when the night started with ABBA! And then the script had the majority of the audience laughing for so much of the show, there seemed to be very few lines that didn’t have someone at least chuckling under their breath.

Was it as funny as What The Donkey Saw? I don’t think so. But I would thoroughly recommend you check to see if you can still get tickets. The cast were fab, the script and storyline have you laughing and crying (almost at the same time), and it was just a genuine feel good Christmas play.

Have you been to see Driving Home For Christmas? Or what Christmas show was on near you this year?

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