Disneyland Paris 2017: Part 1

Disneyland Paris 2017: Part 1 Life With Ktkinnes
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Whoops that took a while to get written up! HELLO! Did you know I went to Disneyland Paris with Jordanne from The Life of a Glasgow Girl? If not, then you mustn’t follow me on my other social medias because I really didn’t stop talking about it.


But anyway, here is the long promised look back at our time away. It may turn into just a photo log or something, but either way, hope you enjoy it!


Sunday 10th September I woke up bright and early – I was going back to the land where dreams come true! The last minute things were packed, I had a quick tidy round the flat, and made sure my nails were painted and suitable for Disneyland Paris. A quick drive round to Jordanne’s house later, and we were waiting for the taxi. Leon was super excited, and getting to the airport just seemed to take forever. But eventually we got there and joined the very long queue to check in our suitcase. By the time we got through the check in, dropped off the buggy, and made it through security, we only had about 10 minutes until our gate was shown. Sandwiches and snacks were bought, we made it to the gate, and soon we were on our way to the land of bread, cheese, wine, and frogs legs!


When we got to the hotel, the Vienna Dream Castle Hotel, Leon immediately seemed to love it – there were games, mini rides, and a ball pit for him to play in, all before he saw how much room there was to run around outside! Again, check in took forever, and eventually we had our room keys.


Our family room was a great size! There was a bunk bed that Leon fell in love with, that had a big curtain round it so he could make it into a cave, and a queen sized bed, never mind a decent sized TV, a desk, a mini fridge, storage shelving, and a wardrobe with a safe in it that you didn’t need to pay a deposit to use! The bathroom was a decent size for the 3 of us, and looked clean enough to me too. I was just so excited to get to the parks! Although, a few small things I would say about the hotel room are there was only one bin and it was in the bedroom, the pillows were a strange shape and size, and on the Monday we came back from the park to find our towels had been taken to be cleaned but we weren’t left any replacement ones – it was very strange!

That night, we ate dinner down in the bar. A plate of chips and a pizza between the 3 of us didn’t sound like much for the price of it, but when they were served we realised we were certainly getting value for money! It was delicious, and we actually struggled to eat it all. After this, we took a brief walk around the grounds, found the swimming pool, and let Leon have a go on some of the games in the lobby before we all went to bed. It was an earlyish night, but we were too excited about the following day!

DLP 2017 P1

Day 1 in the Park

After a very tasty breakfast in the hotel, and a quick check that we had everything we needed, we were off on the shuttle bus to the parks! It was great to see the security teams being so understanding when Leon got a bit shy about walking through the metal detectors before his mum, and then when we tried to scan the tickets they were so helpful in getting the buggy through and into the actual park. After a few quick photo opportunities, we headed into Frontier Land and hopped aboard the Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing, a leisurely cruise through the Far West. Leon loved looking out the back of the boat at all the ducks in the water and the features we were meant to notice, while Jordanne and I used the time to try and figure out where we wanted to go next. When the boat docked, we made our way to Adventure Land, however we didn’t stay there long. A lot of the rides were either closed, inappropriate, or had too long a waiting time. The only ride open here was the Pirates of the Caribbean  ride, however the waiting time was too long so we moved through to the magical world of Fantasyland. On our way there, we joined the queue to meet Captain Hook and Smee! We waited about 10-15 minutes and had a woman push in front of us with her son as she tried to negotiate with the families further ahead, claiming she should get in front as she only had 1 child as opposed to the two or three with other families.  Needless to say, we were rather hacked off, and it wasn’t helped when the characters left! So we moved on to Fantasyland, not realising it was just a quick swap over. Lesson was learnt for a later stage.

Fantasyland was where we began to get on more rides, even though the waiting times were really beginning to get longer. We went to the Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride first, and Leon and Jordanne loved it! It was my first time on this ride, and while I loved it, I really didn’t feel safe when we went up so high! It was brilliant looking out over the park though, so I really can’t complain. After this, we made it to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups and made ourselves really dizzy. While we tried to figure out where to go next, Jordanne spotted the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland was signing autographs! So we queued again, got our photo taken, and stopped to regroup. We decided it was time to find lunch – it was 2 o’clock already! On the way through for food, Leon spotted the It’s A Small World ride, and since the waiting time was only 5 minutes, we diverted our hungry selves onto the ride. He loved looking at all the dolls and mannequins, and I think it’s safe to say that the song was stuck in our head for the rest of the day.


Our hunt for food took us past the FastPass collection area for the Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, so we picked up our tickets on our way to the Videopolis Theatre where there’s a cafe that we could get a quick lunch in. It was so so tasty! By the time we queued, ate, and left the cafe, it was time to go back to the Buzz Lightyear ride. Leon’s face when he saw the big Buzz, and realised we were shooting Zurg, was just so cute – he was over the moon! Excuse the pun… All I will say is this ride was great! Although both Leon and Jordanne scored higher than me… My aim clearly isn’t as good as I thought. Once off the ride, we found ourselves in the gift shop and I was face to face with some of their Christmas products. Imagine my delight! Until I realised they were charging about 23 euro for a pair of ears,  never mind the hat. Although, I do regret not buying an advent calendar for 5 euro.


When we eventually pulled Leon out of the shop, we headed back to catch any rides we had missed – starting with the Phantom Manor back in Frontierland. Imagine my surprise when this 3 and a half year old boy loved the haunted house and wasn’t at all scared! He even asked to go back in it again! We then went on “Le Carrousel de Lancelot” and Leon loved the horses too. By this stage, a lot of the rides had a minimum of a 35 minute waiting time, so we headed back to Discoveryland to find some more rides. Leon and Jordanne loved our experience on Orbitron. I wasn’t so keen on it, even though I stayed down low. It slopes slightly so you always feel you’re going to fall out. Afterwards, they went on it again and I sat watching the bags. It was nice to give my feet a rest!

Starting to get a little tired of the waiting times in Fantasyland, we decided to make our way to the Walt Disney Studios Park, however Jordanne and I got distracted by all the shops on the Main Street U.S.A. so while we shopped, Leon sat in the buggy and fell asleep. By the time he woke, we were done shopping and decided to head back to the hotel for dinner and some time in the swimming pool.


Swimming was a good laugh, especially with the slide for the kids. The pool was split in two – the small pool and the bigger one, but adults could easily stand in both parts of the pool. There are towels provided down in the pool reception area, and plenty of lockers for everyone to use. After our swim, we went down for dinner again, then let Leon play on some more of the rides in the lobby. At 2euro a go, they were kind of expensive for what they were, but it was good fun to see him trying everything. Afterwards, it was time for showers and bed. Let’s just say Leon had a different idea, so it was a rather late night! But it’s okay because we had an entire 2nd day to look forward to.


​Come back on Friday to read all about Day 2 and our journey home!

8 thoughts on “Disneyland Paris 2017: Part 1

  1. thatmummarocks

    I loved hearing about your guys trip and I’m so glad that you all had an amazing time…I can’t wait to read part 2!! Xx

  2. abbeylouisarose

    This looks absolutely magical! I’m so jealous! I have always wanted to go to Disney – can I tag along on your next trip hehe? The photo of Jordanne pulling a face on the plane made me giggle so much! I can’t believe that they were charging 23 euro for a pair of ears, that’s mad! The swimming sounds fab and I’m so glad that Leon enjoyed himself so much!

    Abbey 😘

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