Discovering Yourself

A large aspect of growing up is discovering yourself in more ways than one. Discovering yourself includes your sexual identity, gender identity, your political stance, hobbies, wants, and everything in between. Discovering yourself is the process of discovering who you are and why you matter apart from outside achievements, relationships, and even in the face of great challenges or in life’s shifting environments.

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    LGBTQ+ Pride Month 2022

    Welcome my friend to Pride month. And I feel like I can actually freely say that this year. Funny that. Something I’ve known about myself for 8 years and have mentioned every now and again on here… but it’s LGBTQ+…

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    Russian Doll

    As Season Two of Russian Doll was added to Netflix recently, I found myself compelled to re-read my previous review of Season One, and potentially watch it again before starting into Season Two of the Netflix Original Series Russian Doll.…

  • Alone on Valentine's Day? Life With Ktkinnes
    Discovering Yourself

    Alone on Valentine’s Day?

    Okay so the title of this post actually sounds a lot more sad than I thought it would when I first titled it… except I never went back and changed the title. I came in and added a little forethought…