Diary Posts

Blogging has always been an outlet for me. One of my favourite aspects of being a lifestyle blogger is being able to share anything and everything with you, including my diary posts. In these posts, you will find an insight into life with me. My life. And while I may not share every little detail of what is going on in my life, these diary posts can certainly show you a small glimpse into my head and life during the time of writing. From birthdays to deaths. From personal thoughts and feelings to what I've been getting up to. These posts are here, not for the SEO or the purpose of furthering my blog, but to remind me where I have come from and where I am going. As a person who found blogging when she felt she had no one to turn to, the idea of a corner of the internet to share her life seemed perfect. An anonymous setting that developed into more than just a creative outlet. Read these posts if you truly want an insight into Life With Ktkinnes.

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    Diary Posts

    June 2022

    Hi there! Did you miss me? I cannot actually believe we’re into June 2022 already. Nor can I believe that I completely disappeared off the face of the earth for 3 months. But I’m back this morning, and thought it…

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    Diary Posts

    March 2022

    And so another month has begun – March 2022. I’m not quite sure what to think as we enter this month. History tells us that a health pandemic, followed by a depression, statistically it was inevitable that a war would…

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    Diary Posts

    February 2022

    Oops… So we’re a little further into February 2022 than I expected for this post. But it’s been a busy few weeks behind the scenes. Such is life in this getting-back-to-normal world! Before I take you through what’s coming up…

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    Diary Posts

    Happy New Year! January 2022

    Okay, the title is slightly misleading as honestly I’m not the happiest this 1st January 2022. I woke up with a little bit of a hangover, and definitely am looking forward to heading to bed tonight! But as always, a…