December 2021: Hello Blogmas! Life With Ktkinnes

December 2021: Hello Blogmas!

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Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat… It’s finally December 2021, and I am stressed to the hilt! Blogmas is beginning both here and on Christmas With Katie, and we still have goals and plans to work through. Anyone else excited for the most wonderful time of the year?

Being 100% honest here, this post? I started to write it before I even thought of writing my November 2021 post. And considering I started it on 24th October, that is somewhat concerning. But Blogmas will always win in my mind, and iif you disagree then you may wish to click off my blog for the enxt month… Wait! Please don’t go…

I’ll be following my normal format for the first of the month today – looking back at November, looking ahead to December, but keep reading to get an idea of what’s coming this month across the blogging world.

photo of snow field near trees in December 2021

November 2021 – Looking Back

November was one of those months that started on a Monday and damn I love when that happens. It just feels right, y’know? So that first week was spent in work as always. I had Open Uni work to do, Blogmas to prep for, and guitar continued. The first weekend of November saw a slight panic rise in me regarding Christmas. Not that I did an awful lot about it!

The next week was another busy one at work, but I had a half day on the Friday! With Mum away in Edinburgh for the weekend, it meant Dad and I were free to try and get some planning done for her birthday and Christmas. We also watched a few films and just generally plodded along. Although, I have to admit. We were slightly hungover on Saturday when attempting this. So a trip to the rugby club to see Ireland beat New Zealand on the TV was a great way to just unwind.

fallen autumn leaves on pavement in city

When the next week came and we were busy in work, I couldn’t contain my excitement for my first Christmas show of the season! We saw A Christmas Carol at the Grand Opera House in Belfast after a meal out. Based on Dickens’ famous story, A Christmas Carol was brought to life with beautiful music by Alan Menken (Disney’s award-winning composer). For an amateur production presented by the Belfast Operatic Company, I loved it! Can we count that as my first opera seen? The rest of the weekend was then a shopping expedition and preparing for Blogmas.

Back to work on the Monday for the last full week of November with pay day in the middle of it, we were beginning to get the festive vibes. Or at least I was. Mum was away again that weekend (the one just past) for her annual girls trip to the north coast. It didn’t happen last year because of circuit breakers and lockdowns, so it felt strange to have another tradition back. Plus, it meant Dad and I had an excuse to pull all the Christmas decorations out! Then we finished the weekend watching TV beside the Christmas tree and just began to feel those festive spirits rising.

a shot of christmas tree and christmas decorations in a room in December 2021

November 2021 Goals

With all that going on, it was hard to stay on top of my goals. Shall we check in with them?

  1. Finish 1 book
    Yup, I managed this! I was slowly listening to The Fellowship of the Ring on Spotify, and so I count that as finishing a book in November!
  2. Post once a week per blog.
    Haha I think we can agree I just bailed on this. It was taking a lot out of me to go from being in work every day, coming home to study for my Open University degree, and actually have time to see family and prepare for Christmas. Without even beginning to think about Blogmas. So yes, I admit I failed here. Sorry.
  3. Schedule half my Blogmas posts
    Yes! By the evening of 27th November, I have officially fully written, proof read, and scheduled 15 posts for each site! So since then I’ve been writing any chance I get. December’s a busy month, so the more I have ready the better!
a child playing near a christmas tree in December 2021

December 2021

And here we are! As always, December is shaping up to be a busy month. In just 2 day’s time, it’s Granny’s birthday. I’ve got her present sorted, sitting waiting to give it to her. I’m in work until 4 on her birthday, and I believe we’re celebrating it properly on Sunday instead of Friday, but I couldn’t be certain right now… But my cousin is over to visit too, so it’ll definitely be a busy few days.

Plus. Next week on work is looking already to be a busy one. Technically it’s last orders in work for anyone not wanting to spend a fortune on delivery before Christmas. And with couriers being a little all over the place, it’s a bit hectic. But we’ll get there! I’m then spending the weekend on Open University stuff, and maybe allowing myself a little bit of Christmas fun.

brown wooden stick on gray steel bucket in December 2021
Photo by Vladislav Murashko on

The week after that? Rachel’s arriving home on the 15th so actually I won’t have guitar that night. Or the week after. But we’ll go there in a minute. I’ve then December’s haircut, and then it’s Mum’s birthday! I’ve got plans made for them, but as Mum occasionally reads this blog I won’t say much right now. Then it’s time to get sorted because we’re spending Christmas with my aunt, uncle and cousin. So our usual Christmas routine is going to be messed around a bit. And then who knows what will happen the week between Christmas and New Year.

And in the middle of that, I’m running Blogmas on 2 blogs simultaneously every day for December! Hopefully… Did someone just mutter “idiot” under their breath? I would agree – I’m an idiot! But this idiot is excited and ready for the challenge.

The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Blogmas!

December 2021 Goals

So as you can see, it’s a manic month. Which is why my goals are simple this December.

  1. Achieve Blogmas
    To keep things fair, I am counting “achieving Blogmas” as posting 31 posts. Who else would be aiming for posts from 1st December until 1st January inclusive on 2 sites at the same time? So yes, my aim is 31 posts in December. Regardless of which blog or if I double post on a specific day. Reckon we can do this?
  2. Read 1 book
    I need to hold onto something to relax amongst all this stress. So I want to pick one book and hold onto a rule of reading for even just 5 minutes a day. So that’s why only one book.
  3. Enjoy the festive season!
    I’ve spent the last few Christmases stressing. Whether it’s been work, blogging, or money, something has been niggling the back of my mind. So I refuse to let it bother me this year! Let’s have a holly jolly Christmas this year!

Oh! About that! Want to have a holly jolly Christmas yourself? Keep reading to find our how you can…

selective focus photography of christmas train and santa claus mug on table

Blogmas 2021

You see, it is officially Blogmas season for bloggers. Many of us decide to make a difficult time of year even more stressful by posting daily. Well, some go for every other day, others start on Christmas Day… It’s only the die hard Christmas fans who torture themselves with 31 posts in December. See what I did there? But you can read more about that in my Ultimate Guide to a Successful Blogmas.

It is for that reason that I have decided to run Blogmas here on Life With Ktkinnes again this year. As well as over on Christmas With Katie. Yes, I know, I’m losing it. But, it’ll be worth it. You see…

green and brown pine cone wreath

The Christmas With Katie Blogmas Giveaway

As some of you may be aware, Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. Yes, there’s all the food, and the lights, and all the happy music playing while you get drunk (just me?), but my favourite thing about this time of year is that I can give people random presents and no one can say no! I’ve always loved being able to give a little something to the people who matter to me and that is why I have decided to run this Blogmas giveaway – a chance to say thank you to all you wonderful people who actually take the time to come read my posts, drop little comments, and basically encourage me to keep doing something I love. “This is cool, what are the prizes?” I hear you ask. Have a little look below!

Prizes Include:

  • Festive Reads
  • Seasonal Earrings
  • Christmas Hand Creams from The Body Shop
  • Christmas Carfume Airfreshener
  • Lip scrub from Lush
  • Makeup and Hair goodies
  • a Kindle!
  • and more

So, the giveaway will be running from December 1st 2021 to December 25th 2021, with the winner being picked at 8am. I will announce the winner on Twitter and here at 8am, as well as reach out to them individually, and they then have 48 hours in which to reply. Yes, there is only one winner for all these wonderful prizes! But yes, there is only one mandatory entry requirement, alongside a few other ways to gain extra entries! Just click on the link below to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions Apply:

  1. You must be following me on Christmas With Katie. This is the only mandatory entry requirement. After this, you can get extra entries by completing the other options such as following me on Twitter etc.
  2. Only one person will win this prize.
  3. Prize will be sent via tracked or recorded postage.
  4. Open to U.K. residents only i.e. England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  5. All Entries will be checked to make sure you are still fully complying with the rules.
  6. No giveaway accounts. They will be disqualified
  7. Winner will be announced 25th December at 8am. They then have 48 hours to reply to me before another winner will be picked.
  8. Items will be posted by the January 11th and I will keep in contact with the winner to keep them updated.
  9. I am not responsible for any damage to the prizes during delivery.
  10. Running from 01/12/2021 to 25/12/2021.
person touching a gift

So what are you waiting for? Enter now for your chance to win a relaxing Christmas package with this Blogmas giveaway, and treat yourself this Christmas! As I was saying Blogmas will be running across both Christmas With Katie and Life With Ktkinnes, and both blogs are hosting this Blogmas giveaway. However, we still maintain that the only mandatory entry is that you follow Christmas With Katie.

Remember to set those alarms for a little earlier every day this month to make sure you can read all my festive posts and keep you on track with that Christmas planning! Tomorrow I’ll be sharing some Christmas Content ideas over on Christmas With Katie, and a little gift guide on Life With Ktkinnes. You won’t want to miss them!


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