December 2020

December 2020 Life With Ktkinnes
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It’s here! The month when Katie loses sanity and attempts to post daily for a month… December 2020 is getting off to a busy start, if you read my post on the Christmas With Ktkinnes Schedule then you’ll know all about it, and it’s not going to get any quieter! So let’s get our Tuesday pants on, and jump straight in shall we?

Today marks the start of Blogmas, and as I’m sure you’ve noticed – this year is a first with Christmas With Ktkinnes being launched. My last post was all about what’s happening and how you can get involved, so when you’ve finished reading this post click that “Previous Post” option at the bottom of the page and add some events to your calendar!

November 2020

Now, before we can officially say hello to the most wonderful time of the year (December 2020) (especially as it means we’re close to saying goodbye to 2020 for good), we need to look back at November.

What I Got Up To

So if you remember back to the beginning of November 2020, then you’ll hopefully remember that on 1st November I published my collection of short stories – Calm By The Christmas Tree (ad)! If you’d like some more information on how I self published my own book, check out my post here. But that day was spent actually in Belfast city centre, for the first time since last December, getting Christmas presents bought ahead of the big day! I was then in work and working on Open University work for the next three days, and then I stayed up most of the night following the US election results coming in. To be honest, Dad and I developed a bit of an addiction to CNN – so much so I still kinda miss it! But yes, while following the election news, I ended up spending 4 days in a row Christmas present shopping. The weekend ended with catching up on our favourite TV shows, and watching the one-off episode Ant and Dec did in the lead up to I’m A Celebrity starting up again! Side note for any readers outside the UK – this show truly is a sign that Christmas is coming and if you’ve never watched it before you need to find it on YouTube or something! The following week I was actually working 4 days in the week, and took myself off shopping on the 5th day! Actually, November saw me start back to working 4 days a week which was a bit of a shock to the system – a moment of “what do you mean I can’t have a lie in 4 days a week??” But it felt so good to finally feel I was on top of the workload again so you won’t find me complaining! But between work, Blogmas prep, a secret project going on in the background, and working on my Open University coursework, I basically slept, ate, and made time to go Christmas shopping. I had a Zoom catch up with Paul and Lucy, and attempted to tidy and clean my room in advance of getting the Christmas decorations out on Saturday 28th November! Yes I know we were late to the Christmas party this year… And then with restrictions being brought back in again in Northern Ireland – stricter than we’ve had for the past 6 weeks even though we were meant to only have a 4 week circuit breaker and now have another 2 weeks minimum – we had a mad dash to the shops to make sure everything was sorted for Christmas and the birthdays.


  1. Post once a week on the blog.
    Achieved! It was good practice for the days ahead, and I’m already looking forward to January when I can slow things down again!
  2. Learn another song on guitar.
    I did this! I actually finally taught myself a couple of Christmas songs to sing along to on Christmas Day!
  3. Get all my Christmas presents sourced if not bought!
    Well if you remember from my post about Alice’s earrings from last week then you’ll know I’ve actually now bought all my Christmas presents I’m giving! In fact, this means that I just need to make sure Dad has his presents bought, and then I’m sorting Granny B out with her Christmas shopping. I’ve been a busy Christmas Elf!
December 2020 title picture
December 2020

December 2020 – Looking Ahead

So as I said, December 2020 is kicking off with a bang. The first big thing happening today is (not only am I off work) the Christmas With Ktkinnes Movie Night to watch The Christmas Chronicles 2! Don’t forget to set those alarms for 10:15pm GMT to join us watching The Christmas Chronicle 2 tonight and chatting as we watch! Normally I will be hosting the movie nights on a Thursday, but this Thursday coming is my granny’s 80th birthday – so a movie night won’t be possible then! Speaking of Granny’s birthday… who genuinely thought back in March/April that covid was going to affect December 2020 birthdays?! I know I didn’t think it would be completely gone, but I did expect us to at least be able to go to Scotland the first weekend in December 2020 to celebrate Granny’s birthday with all the family in one hotel for a party. But it just wasn’t meant to be. I’ve also decided I am going to take a drive down the week after to visit my cousin in the lead up to her birthday – even if I can’t go into her house or give her a hug! The next week is the next full week back into work for our 4 day week, with me being off on Mum’s birthday but again plans have yet to be made in order to follow government guidelines and restrictions. Then Friday 18th December 2020 we are having an office party of sorts for our last day as all of us in the office together before Christmas! A few festive foods and drinks, some Christmas music, and dress code is purely Christmas. My idea of heaven! I’ll then be working 21st and 22nd to finish up paperwork and keep an eye on those last minute orders, but then it’ll be CHRISTMAS! And who knows what’s happening in that week between Christmas and New Year.

So with all of this going on this month, you can expect my goals to be quite simple.

December 2020 Goals

Right, some goals for this month. What’s scary is the amount of things I need to get through before the end of the month, so let’s keep them simple:

  1. Complete Blogmas.
  2. Complete my Instagram photo Challenge.
  3. Read 1 book.

Have you set yourself any goals for December? Or are you partaking in either Blogmas or my Christmas With Ktkinnes challenge? Let me know in the comments below!  And remember, just because today is the first day of Blogmas doesn’t mean you’re too late to take part this year! Check out my ebook – The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Blogmas [AD]- and join us in festive frivolities! If you’re on Twitter, don’t forget to join in with our viewing of The Christmas Chronicles 2 (available on Netflix) tonight at 10:30pm GMT!

7 thoughts on “December 2020

  1. Sarah

    I’m so excited for Blogmas – even though I’m not participating this year. I love reading everyone’s Christmas posts all month long. You did great with your November goals and I am certain you will hit your December goals as well. It sounds like you are going to have a fairly busy but fun month. Enjoy!

  2. Linz

    I’m loving the blogmas posts, it really gets you in the mood and takes your mind off what’s happening. Thank you!

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