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Dear 2021… An Open Letter

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Dear 2021…

Hi there 2021, Katie here. Just with a little bit of an open letter to you, 2021, in the hopes that you’re listening. While I’m sharing you openly, I wanted to remind anyone else reading this open letter that if you are struggling, there are people and places you can reach out to. Friends, family, professionals, it doesn’t matter which, just look after your mental health. And if this article upsets you or causes you to not be okay, then please close it down, step away from your device, and look after yourself in whatever way you can.

Dear 2021 Feature Image

Dear 2021,

You were meant to be better. It’s been one week since we said goodbye to the nightmare (okay, debatable depending on who you ask) that was 2020. And, I think I’m safe in saying, you’re not fulfilling your end of the bargain in this.

2021 was meant to be the year things started to get better. Between a new President of the United States of America, multiple vaccines being approved, and me finally saying enough is enough with my spending habit, things were meant to improve. Even all those astrology posts on Twitter claimed 2021 was meant to be a good year for us Virgos.

Instead? Nah, instead, 2021, you decide to start us off with the entire UK in yet another lockdown. You gave us an attempted coup in Washington DC. And you gave us a disaster when you brought Brexit to the UK. Not cool, 2021.

Did you purposefully wait for me to share my New Year’s Resolutions last week before you sucked out every ounce of motivation I have? Because right now, apart from this letter, I am struggling to put words on a page. I’m constantly tired, even though I’m sleeping better than I did over Christmas, and you just seem to have decided to delay taking part in our deal to make 2021 a better year than 2020.

Clap for Carers is back tonight with a different name. Clap for Heroes. How about we get those heroes vaccinated? Pay them what they deserve to be earning? Provide the emotional and psychological support they so desperately need right now? What good is clapping? Boris Johnston stood on the steps of 10 Downing Street clapping for the NHS who helped save his life. But has he done anything to help ease their strain under now a third wave?

Oh! Don’t forget, 2021, that you’ve brought me back down to 3 working days a week. Which okay yeah is better than a lot of people have it, but this isn’t what we agreed. This was meant to be my year to earn money, clear debt, and save. But nope, that’s not happening.

And can we please talk about what happened in DC, 2021? You are just over 2 weeks away from the inauguration. Just 14 and a bit days. Can you please just be patient and let us get there safely and smoothly? Between politicians trying to overturn a legal and democratic vote, white terrorist thugs storming a government building, and an oompa loompa President who tells those same people that they are loved and special?? Like… in what way is that holding up your side of the bargain 2021? Although, to be fair to you, a lot of people have since resigned because of it. Twitter has blocked him, and Facebook has put a ban on his account for 24 hours. But while we’re talking about politicians…

Can we also discuss Sammy Wilson? Or “Our Wee Sammy” as some people call him? First of all, masks were made mandatory on public transport, and he was photographed on the tube in London with no mask. No slap on the wrist, just brushed over. Then he’s allegedly in Portrush for ice cream during the “Stay Home” mantra that has been being spouted by his own party since mid December. Still no apology. And now that there’s a travel ban between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, with isolation periods, stay home orders, and the emphasis being put on work from home instead of travelling, he jumped on a plane to go to Prime Minister’s Questions in Westminster the other day?? With still no apology or explanation as to why he was alright to fly over for something that could’ve been done on Zoom but people can’t fly to see their family they haven’t seen in person in almost a year? 2021? This is not acceptable.

If we ignore the Covid-19 problems. Ignore the disaster that is the USA. Let’s discuss the child poverty in the UK. The cost of living for anyone. Bird flu having been found in India again. Let’s discuss the fact we’ve been in the middle of a health pandemic for a year now, and there are parts of the world too caught up in war and unrest to have even noticed. Is that not terrifying?

If you wish to improve yourself, 2021, maybe today should be the day to start. Give us a reason to trust and love you. Fix things, please. We knew nothing would improve overnight, but we somewhat hoped you’d be showing signed of agreeing with us and working with us. We have a minimum of another 5 weeks of a lockdown. If you can promise to improve, I would take another 10 weeks. But you need to give us something. Anything. Just a little bit of hope that 2021 is about to start getting better. Please.

Me and all humanity.


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