Day 22 – Challenges

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Helloooo my lovely friends! Okay so you may be forgiven for forgetting I was participating in the 30 Days of Gratitude Blogging Challenge, especially considering I basically skipped 10 days worth of them… But have no fear! I shall post a brief one for each of these throughout the day – I’m actually going to write them the minute I finish this post.


So, as you can see, today’s theme is Challenges with the subtitle of What is your greatest challenge in life and how do you plan to overcome it? Haha well let’s just put out there that I picked a hard one to come back in on!


Before I could even begin to write this post, I asked myself ‘What constitutes as a challenge?’. The Cambridge Online Dictionary defines it as “(the situation of being faced with) something that needs great mental or physical effort in order to be done successfully and therefore tests a person’s ability.”  To me, personally, a challenge is something that prevents you or makes it more difficult for you to achieve the goals you set for yourself. If this is the case, then I had a lot more to think about!


I had to ask myself – what do I consider a challenge in my life? Blogging daily? We all know how well that’s been going – not. Going to university and getting a degree? We’re working on that one, patience young grasshopper. My relationship with my family? Ha, don’t get me started. Wow, there were a lot I could think of! However, I realised that none of these are really a proper challenge – more things that my self-doubt hinders or affects. That’s when it hit me. My greatest challenge, at this point in my life anyway, is my self confidence.



When conversing with the lovely ladies at GRLPOWR, and all the other amazing people involved in their chat on Sunday 18th September based on Confidence, there came a question – ‘How far would you go to gain confidence? (Surgery, buy things, etc)’. While replying truthfully, I stated that I constantly spend money on makeup and clothes to try and look better and more confident. I admitted that I considered either laser skin treatment for my acne scarring or laser hair removal, and I had also looked into laser eye surgery – all in the hope of becoming ‘prettier’ according to societies rules. I heavily rely on the things I buy and how I look to try and get people to like me – as someone once said to me, all I talk about is TV and I’m incredibly boring because of it. Well since then I’ve started talking a lot more about blogging too so I guess I’m just a nightmare to be around.


Woah, sorry, this was meant to be a post about overcoming challenges – not focusing on what the challenge is or how I feel about it! But that last paragraph was to give you a basic insight into my mind. I hate being left out of things, even if it’s nothing important. There’s always a constant worry in the back of my mind that no one likes me and they all just put up with me because I’ve attached myself to them. I know that it’s not true (hopefully) but it’s there and it’s because of my low self confidence.


It’s not something I can just get over. It’s not a quality I like about myself, ha the irony of having low self confidence because of problems caused by low self confidence, but it’s one I can work on. Back in August, I wrote about my promise to myself. I’ve recently started doing things because they make me happy and I want to do them. I’m getting more involved in extracurricular things at uni because, as Nuala said earlier, there are so many opportunities while at uni that disappear the minute we leave this place!


Planning to overcome low self confidence isn’t really effective in my opinion, simply because it takes a lot longer to change a thought or opinion than it does to change or fix a physical problem. Yes, there are ways to physically change to increase self confidence, but why should I have to change to feel better about myself? So yes, we’re working on that.


By the way, I don’t know if any of you have realised but I often refer to myself as ‘we’ – please ignore this, I am a me.



Thanks for reading!

Ktkinnes xxx

6 thoughts on “Day 22 – Challenges

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  2. Jordan Kaylie

    I love this post so much. Self-confidence is something that is really hard to overcome. It is difficult to gain that in yourself. I like to think I have a lot of self confidence and maybe I do. However, I am one of those people like you who is afraid the people you hang out around don’t really like you and are just putting up with you. I hate not being included because it is more of well they are phasing me out, they are going to leave me, than me actually wanting to go somewhere. I just don’t know how to overcome it. I think it is something inside of me. However, the other half of me doesn’t care what people have to say about me because I know who I am. So it is a constant struggle of if I struggle with self-confidence or not. I do, but I don’t. I definitely relate to this post so much though.

    Jordan K.

  3. Zoe Jackson

    How have I not seen this post, You are amazing Katie and trust me I get what you mean when you say about no-one liking you and they’re just keeping you around, everyone I meet I feel like that. My self confidence is something that I have struggled with constantly since I hit puberty and I hate that so many amazing women who are so inspiring and so strong are brought down by societies standards.

    I love how you write Katie, it’s so honest and raw and you’re so open and we need more people like you to stand and let others know they are not alone. From me though, you are beautiful, you are talented and you are one of my friends 😀 xx

  4. Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl

    But are you really just a me or are you actually a We 😉 haha Gaining self confidence can often be a long and hella annoying road. It takes building up, but I know you already know this. I believe I you and think you are a hella amazing person!

    Jordanne ||

  5. Cassidy's Adventures

    This was such a great post. I think it’s super important to talk about, reflect, and make sense of the things that challenge us. Self-confidence is something that so many people struggle with, and it’s also something that isn’t addressed as much as it should be!

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