Day 10 – Nature

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Whoops okay so I’m now behind on the challenge but it’s all because of my birthday celebrations – it’s not every year you turn 21, is it? So in order to catch up, I’ll hopefully be posting 2 of these a day until I’m back on track. I’ve also got a couple of guest posts to write-up so please be patient until I get back into the swing of things!


Saturday’s theme was Nature and Why I Love the Outdoors. Now, when I saw this I was filled with dread. Anyone who knows me knows I would much rather be curled up in bed with Netflix than outside in the fresh air so here goes.


I love the seaside or the coast. Open water appeals to me. In fact, I’m currently at the window seat on the ferry to Scotland just so I can look out at the open water. There’s something oddly freeing about being such a small person in such a vast body of water, don’t you agree? Listening to the waves lap at the sand of a beach has always put me to sleep, the soft splash of the waves breaking over rocks at the coast. One of my favourite places to visit in Northern Ireland is the Antrim Coast for this very reason. On Thursday, we took a drive up towards the Giant’s Causeway and ended up crossing the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge to just be surrounded by the water. It’s so calming, even during a storm. You can never have an ugly-looking sea or ocean. They have so much personality even. In fact, my ideal house would be in a city but on the coast if that were to ever be at all possible.

My second favourite thing about the outdoors would have to be forests. Being surrounded by trees in the autumn just makes me feel alive. All the colours, sounds, and activity. Knowing there are trees there that are older than my granny. If trees could talk, they’d certainly have some stories to tell! When walking through Tollymore Forest Park in Newcastle, Northern Ireland, the rabbits and birds and the sound of the streams, it’s just so peaceful and I feel relaxed – as if nothing can go wrong.

I suppose though, even just walking through the streets of Glasgow I find myself loving the outdoors. Being a people person, I could walk for hours just people-watching and enjoying the smells and sounds around me. That little glimpse of sunshine in the grey sky, lighting the red bricks on the older buildings, or illuminating the bell tower of Glasgow University. The sound of everyone rushing to their next lecture or heading home for that all too necessary nap before yet another night on the town. Hearing all the accents and voices blending together amongst the sound of cars and buses as everyone goes about their daily business, occasionally met with the sound of birds overhead, flying back to their nests in the nearby parks. Smelling the exhaust from the traffic, the concoction of different deodorants, perfumes and aftershave, sometimes it’s difficult to smell the freshly baked bread in the nearby bakeries. But I wouldn’t swap any of it for anything.


So, I guess in a way I really do love the outdoors. Yeah, I guess you could say that.



Ktkinnes xx

3 thoughts on “Day 10 – Nature

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  2. Zoe Jackson

    All your favourite things about nature, I love them the ocean, I live in Cornwall so everywhere is basically ocean but from my bedroom window I look out to the atlantic ocean and I wouldn’t swap it for the city 🙂 I find forests and woods are so peaceful to walk through. Nature is surprisingly beautiful when you go out into it 🙂 great post

  3. ktkinnes

    Thanks lovely! I’m so jealous that you can wake up to an ocean view every day… I love the city for people watching, and the fact I’m so close to everything is brilliant, but if I could have a city by the ocean with a forest around the outskirts of the city then that would be perfect! Hope you’re doing well xxx

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