Co-op Christmas Lunch

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Happy Monday everyone! Is anyone else getting more and more excited for the festive season? Well, last week the brilliant team at Co-op Food shoved me into full blown Christmas Spirit with the Better Together festive lunch.

Sitting at my desk last Thursday, cutting samples and doing other general bits and pieces, my morning was interrupted by a very pleasant delivery.  You see,  back in October, I received a message from the team behind the Co-op Food Twitter account, inviting me to share their Christmas lunch with a friend or colleague. I was looking forward to it, even if Thursdays are eigh in days! I was going to enjoy my lunch.

“So what did you get?” I hear you all asking. I received the “Boxing Day Lunch” and the “Turkey & Trimmings” sandwiches, along side the “Jumbo Sausage Roll cracker with Cranberries” sausage roll, and the christmas brownie – it was too delicious looking, sorry I ate it without even properly looking at the name! We split the sandwiches half and half to allow me to try it without completely over eating. But I’ll start with the Boxing Day Lunch. It was really tasty, and packed full of filling – none of this putting all the filling at the edge so it looked fuller than it was! My only complaint would have been the coleslaw, but then my colleague liked it as she really likes coleslaw! So we agreed to disagree on the coleslaw, but both really enjoyed the sandwich. I adored the “Turkey & Trimmings” sandwich. It’s now probably the second on my Top 5 Christmas Sandwiches list! To be honest, nothing will beat the M&S Brie and Cranberry sandwich for me, even if this did come an extremely close second! It was moist but not too much so. There was a perfect amount of filling, perfectly balancing the flavours, and just all round I was actually disappointed to finish eating it! It really was my perfect non-vegetarian Christmas sandwich. Next up was the sausage roll. I’ll be honest, I didn’t overly enjoy this one.  There was a bit too much pastry compared the the sausage meat, and I certainly couldn’t taste the cranberry.  But each to their own, another colleague did enjoy it. Maybe if I had heated it slightly…  but you don’t have to heat them up, they’re ready to eat straight from the self! Finally was that brownie bar. The delicious, melt in your mouth chocolate was the perfect end to a glorious festive lunch. It was rich and dense, but not too much so. It really did seem to melt in my mouth as I ate it! The only thing missing was the perfect red wine to go with it, so instead I just had a cup of coffee. Overall, I would highly recommend heading to your local Co-op and finding these feasts.  If my thoughts on the actual food haven’t been enough to persuade you, then maybe the fact that £50,000 from the sales of the Co-op Christmas Lunch range will go to help tackle youth loneliness! Did you try the Co-op Christmas lunch? What were your thoughts on it? Or just let me know if you manage to pick something up from the range!

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