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Happy Friday everyone! How is it with you today? It’s glorious sunshine here today, and it’s not even all that late on the day. I’ll be honest, I’m still lying in bed waiting to get up and start the day, but it was a late journey in last night. But in case you’d forgotten, last week we went to see Christopher Robin. So this morning, while I have breakfast by the pool, come have a read of my thoughts on Christopher Robin.

Sorry, have I mentioned that I’m actually in Ibiza this morning? Best way to wake up on a Friday, ever! Back in work, they’ll be ordering their weekly fries in from a nice little cafe. So while we may have to cook our breakfast for ourselves this morning, it is more than made up for by the fact I’m actually in the heat for a while. But yes –  Christopher Robin!

So, back on the 28th August, we took a family trip to Lisburn Omniplex to see Christopher Robin. I headed straight from work to the Leisureplex centre for an early dinner and our trip to the flicks.

We went for dinner in Jersey Street- one of the many restaurants at the Leisureplex. It was quiet enough at the start of the night, but had filled up by the time we left. As always, the food was really tasty, service was good, and we left the place full, ready for our film.

After dinner, we headed round to the cinema. No one was hungry after our meal, so we skipped the concessions stand, and went straight into the screen. As always with Lisburn Omniplex, the air conditioning was on so we were foundered. Previous trips, we’ve commented on it to the staff, but they never seem to pay attention. Even at Christmas the place is freezing! But anyway, I’m not here to complain about the temperature of the cinema.

The lights went down, we sat through half an hour of ads (seriously, before a kids film??), the title screen came up, and I settled down into my seat for a full 103 minutes of sheer joy and a trip down memory lane. In this latest cinematic adventure of A A Milne’s most famous characters, our young friend Christopher Robin has grown up and somehow lost himself along the way. As he battles adult life, in a way so many of us are familiar with, his old childhood friends come to his aid. They adventure out of the Hundred Acre Woods and into our world to help Christopher Robin remember the loving and playful boy still inside him.

Christopher Robin Life With Ktkinnes

Having seen the trailer when Dad and I went to see Mamma Mia at the end of July, I knew it was going to be humorous and delightful. And I’m here to be honest with you – I wasn’t disappointed. All I’ve heard so far is good reviews from other people, but I’ll leave the trailer below for you to start to make up your own minds about going to see Christopher Robin!

Doesn’t it look adorable?! So yes, anyway, back to my thoughts.

Christopher Robin Review

If you want a movie that will bring you a rollercoaster of emotions, this is it. I could’ve cried for the first half hour of Christopher Robin. But then I wouldn’t have been laughing at the witty lines that cropped up in the middle of the sad parts. Our old friends in the Hundred Acre Woods were themselves, as you would hope. Grown-up Christopher Robin made you laugh and cry. He made you remember what it was like to be a child playing with your favourite friends. Because they aren’t just toys. They’re probably the only ‘people’ who ever know the real you.

The interaction between the humans and the animals from the forest was done well. The use of our favourite Winnie the Pooh songs throughout kept it fun and light. Rachel and I were singing along happily in our seats. We drew parallels between Christopher Robin’s old friends, and his colleagues at work. Young Bronte Carmichael pulled on our heartstrings as Christopher Robin’s daughter. All in all, everyone involved in the film was brilliant!

My only slight “complaint” (for want of a better word) is that the plot sort of came up all of a sudden, and ended a short while later. I don’t want to ruin the main plot for anyone, but after we finally reached the main storyline, you suddenly found the film ending. I found myself wanting more. 5 minutes, 10, heck I’d have sat through another hour of the film if I could! But I have to remember – it’s a film created with children in mind. It can’t be too long or too complicated. This was made evident to me when about 20 minutes into the film (around 50 minutes from when the lights first went down) the little boy in the row in front asked his mum if it was nearly over yet and could he go home. He was well behaved and sat through the rest of the film. However it reminded me that it couldn’t be too long a film.


Overall, I would say this is definitely on my list of films to recommend. Whilst it is a Disney film, rated PG, and suitable for children, I would be honest and say judge it by your child. I’m pretty sure the majority of kids in that screening didn’t understand what happened to Christopher Robin between him leaving the woods as a child, and this strange older man suddenly responding to the name “Christopher Robin”. There are also some important plot bits that need to be read, so again you may want to think about this before viewing with your child. Other than that, the jokes are entirely child friendly, the story is lighthearted and heartwarming, and I need more Winnie the Pooh in my life. I wonder if it’s available to download to my Kindle while sunbathing today?

Have you seen Christopher Robin? What are your thoughts?

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