Christmas With Ktkinnes Schedule 2020

Christmas With Ktkinnes Schedule 2020 Life With Ktkinnes
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It’s almost time! Christmas With Ktkinnes is almost upon us, and to be perfectly honest, I am beyond excited for this festive season! We’ve been gradually setting the scene, and today I can officially confirm the final rundown of how Christmas With Ktkinnes will be run throughout the next few weeks. So if you’re a bit of a Scrooge or a Grinch, you may want to sit this one out!

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks, or quite simply have never been on my blog before (Hello if that’s the case!) then you might not be aware. Ever since I first heard about Blogmas, it has become my favourite thing ever. And with this being my 5th year of trying to complete it, I began to think about how to make this year the best one ever. From there, Christmas With Ktkinnes was born!

What is Christmas With Ktkinnes?

Christmas is my favourite time of the year, and as such Blogmas has become such an integral part to Christmas that I couldn’t imagine the festive season without it. But Blogmas is only one part of the whole Christmas With Ktkinnes experience. This year has been an interesting one to say the least, and to be honest I think we could all do with a little extra festive spirit this year. Made up from multiple elements, Christmas With Ktkinnes is my little way of spreading some Christmas Cheer around the world as best I can.

How Can You Take Part?

Well, some of you already have! Christmas With Ktkinnes actually kicked off back in August when I launched my Ultimate Guide to a Successful Blogmas [ad] which you can read more about here. Some of you have purchased your guides, others might not have, but if Blogmas is something you’re considering then all I’ll say is “Yes, there is still time to take part! But my guide might help you stay ahead of the game”. In fact, the ebook even gave away a few hints at what was to come later with Christmas With Ktkinnes.

The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Blogmas Pinnable post

Phase Two then came when I launched the Christmas Card Swap for 2020 – another way for everyone to get involved! At time of publishing this post, the card swap sign up has closed, but drop me an email if you’d like to exchange cards, or if you’d like to take part next year!

Christmas Card Swap 2020 Pin 1

Then came Phase Three (this sounds like the Marvel franchise!) with the December Photo Challenge. This is one you can definitely still take part in! Created on the basis of an Instagram photo challenge, the Christmas With Ktkinnes Photo A Day Challenge is getting ready to start on Tuesday 1st December (next week). Click that link to find out how you can take part!

Christmas With Ktkinnes Schedule 2020 Life With Ktkinnes

Finally, well the final one I’ve already shared with you, was the publication of my debut novel – Calm By The Christmas Tree. A collection of 14 short stories and pieces of flash fiction, written with the intention of spreading that Christmas joy throughout the month of December. Have you got your copy yet? It’s available in paperback, Kindle version, or PDF format for reading at your leisure!

Christmas With Ktkinnes Schedule 2020 Life With Ktkinnes

“I’m already doing all that, how else can I take part?!”

As well as my Blogmas guide, Card Swap, Photo Challenge, and Novel, there’s still plenty more to come on Christmas With Ktkinnes!


If you remember back to my post Blogmas Planning, I gave you a little freebie and advice on taking part in Blogmas. This of course is the big event taking place across my blog over the next few weeks. Wish me luck as I aim to post daily from 1st December until 1st January! One key way you can take part in Christmas With Ktkinnes is to follow my Blogmas posts each day throughout the month, and have conversations with fellow Christmas lovers in the comments below! Share the posts, read them, just join me as I suffer through my favourite time of the year.

Twitter Hashtag

Remember in my Blogmas ebook when I talked about using the hashtag “#ChristmasWithKtkinnes“? Well, it’s going to be a way for you to promote your own Blogmas posts throughout the month of December! I’ll be on and retweeting to all my followers, and I’ll be setting aside time to read, comment on, and share as many of them as I possibly can.


Similarly, I’ll be using the same hashtag on Instagram – #ChristmasWithKtkinnes – where you can share either the Photo A Day Challenge posts, or just promote your Blogmas posts on Instagram! Follow the hashtag, support each other, and find new accounts to follow as we fill our feeds with festive fun!

Christmas Playlist

I won’t say too much about this just yet, but set those reminders to check out my post on Wednesday 9th December – a full two weeks away! So keep your eyes peeled for the Christmas With Ktkinnes playlist coming soon!

Christmas With Ktkinnes Movie Night!

Remember the good old days of GRLPOWR and BloggersTribe movie nights? Well I’m bringing them back! Now, they will be later in the evenings because we’ve got I’m A Celebrity and a few other shows on TV, plus it means those of you with kids can put them to bed and relax in front of a feel-good film! See the PDF below for what films we’ll be watching and when, and we’ll just hope they’re all available to stream! If you’ve never done one of these before, the idea is quite simple really. On the time and date shown below, we’ll all press play on the film, and then on Twitter we can chat about the film as we watch it! I’ll be running the chats using the hashtag #CWKMovieNight (Christmas With Ktkinnes Movie Night), and you can just relax, chat about any of your favourite bits, and there’s no obligation to join all of them or chat to everyone. Times may be subject to changes, so keep an eye on my Twitter feed to be aware of any changes or late starts.

Christmas With Ktkinnes Schedule 2020 Life With Ktkinnes

Twitter Chats

As well as the movie nights and the retweet hashtag, I also plan on running a few Twitter Chats throughout the month of December! These will be sporadic, and will be found in the #ChristmasWithKtkinnes hashtag, but I will try to remember to announce them either in blog posts or on Twitter to give at least 12 hours notice. However there will be one main one on Christmas Eve (time to be confirmed). Join us as we chat all things Christmas, and we might even have a few quizzes!

And lots more!

I’ll try and keep you all updated, but there will be daily threads on my Twitter feed, Facebook page, and more. I’ll be doing everything I can to boost your Christmas Spirits, and as always there will be the Advent Calendar daily updates as I open mine!

Have you thought of something I’ve maybe forgotten and could add to the schedule? Or which are you most excited for? Let me know in the comments below, and we’ll hopefully see you again very soon for the fun that is Christmas With Ktkinnes!

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  1. chatswithchels

    Amazing! Love your enthusiasm and how you’re able to get people involved! So creative 🥰 all the best, look forward to reading your posts etc 🎉 xx

  2. Kelly Diane

    Oh my gosh you have been so busy planning. I’m looking forward to taking part in the festive chats and will definitely be taking part in the photo challenge.

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