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Christmas Night Out

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Okay folks, I have my first ever work Christmas Night Out this Friday coming, and I haven’t a clue what to wear! But hello and welcome to my Wednesday 12th December blogmas post. How’re you all today?

It’s been another busy start to the week in work, so I think we’ll be happy to be out for the night on Friday.  A night of good food, good company, and some good music! Speaking of good music, I think it’s about time we had a look at today’s Christmas song.

Today we have another Christmas Classic you probably can’t help bopping around the office to – I know I can’t resist! In fact, yesterday we found a Christmas music radio station in work so I am having a ball of a time! Let’s just hope it’s a little calmer today and I can actually focus on the music.

So as I said above, my work Christmas Night Out is in 2 days. I have a rough idea of what I might wear, but that’s if I don’t find an alternative. As always, the balance between comfort and dressed up without being too fancy compared to the others is the issue. You can bet the other women will be in jeans, but I really want to wear a skirt… do I just accept that I’m going to be overdressed compared to them? Or do I change to even just a fancy pair of trousers?

While I leave you to help me decide whether or not to wear the skirt, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite outfits for the party season!

Yours – Black & Green Wrap Bodycon Dress – £27.19


I really am in love with this shade of green at the minute – it’s just so festive! The above dress is from Yours Clothing, and is also available in red or leopard print.

Wallis – Black Cold Shoulder Velvet Shift Dress – £31.50


Okay so while I’m slightly fed up with black everywhere, I am in love with this dress from Wallis. It’s the perfect Christmas night out outfit!

Wallis – Berry Lace Midi Shift Dress – £49.50


Isn’t this dress (also from Wallis) just stunning?! Now there’s no way I could wear those heels with it, I wouldn’t be able to stand never mind walk. Would it be okay with a pair of ankle boots do you think? Speaking of, I need to get some new black ankle boots…

Finally, I will refer you back to my post – My Winter WardrobeMy Winter WardrobeMy Winter Wardrobe. The skirt and jumper combination would be my most ideal outfit to go out in – just to find the right length of skirt for my thicker thighs and short legs!

What would or will you be wearing to your work Christmas night out this year? Where are you heading for yours? Let me know below as always!

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