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Christmas In Belfast 2019

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Wow… I just realised that this time 2 weeks Christmas will be over again for yet another year.  And that this time 3 weeks will be the new year.  Scary, isn’t it? But for now, I thought why not share what’s going on this Christmas in Belfast with you all?

Now I know what you’re thinking – “but Katie, you’re from Lisburn and not Belfast, why don’t you share what’s happening in Lisburn?” but anyone thinking this clearly doesn’t know much about Lisburn.  There are very few things going on here, and the best thing you can do in Lisburn is get on a train and travel into Belfast. Or further afield, but yes if you want to celebrate the festive season in a city, you’re better heading into Belfast. So below is a selection of some of the events relating to Christmas in Belfast in 2019.

Christmas in Belfast

As always, there’s the Christmas Market surrounding City Hall.  I actually didn’t make it to the market last year, so I made a point that I was definitely going to visit it this year – no matter how busy it gets! This year, the market is running from 16th November until Sunday 22nd December, with over 30 different stalls of food and gifts. Unlike last year, the roads around city hall are no longer closed off, so the rides are going to be back at City Hall, so you can even have a go on the vintage carousel or a slide down the Helter Skelter, as well as visiting Santa at his grotto if you wish.

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If a show is more your thing to get you into the festive spirit, then there’s the pantomime at the Grand Opera House.  Or, if you’re looking for something a little more adult orientated, why not check out The Lyric, The Waterfront or The Cabaret Club? All have so many different shows and events to help you get in the Christmas Spirit! In fact, I’ve got tickets to 3 different events and would still consider more if only I had time to fit them in! I really wanted to go to the Love Actually Live In Concert, but £45 per ticket just was extortionate in my mind – I’ll stick the film on tonight maybe!

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There’s also the SSE Arena –  or whatever The Odyssey is calling itself at the minute – where you can find Christmas Carols, Jack Whitehall and even a few Belfast Giants matches.  Which reminds me, there’s also rugby on the day after Boxing Day! I mean, there are a couple of matches between now and then, but they’re away games so I’m not counting them. Worth having a look at if you’re in the mood for something a little different.

The Ulster Museum are hosting the Royal Ulster Academy of Arts 138th Annual Exhibition, Deck The Falls is on at The MAC, and Santa Street is on at W5.  In fact, there are quite a few things on at The MAC… I always forget about it, and yet it actually has the biggest variety of shows going on!  If you want to head to Writer’s Square, there’s a Winter Circus going on that looks exciting, and plenty of opportunities to go for story telling and meetings with Santa for the children. The Black Box and The Crescent Arts Centre are showing quite a few different things too, and of course you can always take a trip to the cinema to see Last Christmas or any of the other Christmassy films that are on this year.

As with any city, there’s always plenty going on.  Is there anything happening in your area that you’re making a point of going to see or do? Let me know in the comments below!

PS – before I go, the biggest thing is taking place today.  Once again the people of the United Kingdom are taking to the polling booths today, so please take this as your reminder to go and vote.  Whether it’s raining, snowing, sunny, cold, dry, or whatever, go and exercise your democratic right to vote. And if you find you can’t bring yourself to vote for any of them, then at least show up and spoil your vote in some way.  They’re relying on us not to show up.  To be so fed up with politics that we couldn’t care less about who wins.  They are counting on us to say “forget it, I’ve too much to do”. So please, if it’s all you do today, please make sure you vote.

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