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Christmas Films on Netflix

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Happy happy happy 8th day of December! I am already wrecked and looking forward to bed tonight, even if it isn’t my own bed! Today though, we’re chatting about the Christmas films on Netflix, and which ones you have to watch.

Now day 8 of blogmas wouldn’t be complete without introducing our song for the day.  A rather sad Christmas song, and yet no playlist of mine seems complete without a little Mud. It’s a common misconception (big word for this time of morning!) that Elvis sang this – in actual fact he never sang or recorded it! On that note (lol, music pun), it was actually only a couple of weeks ago that I realised Queen sang Crazy Little Thing Called Love… I always thought it was Elvis! But I’m getting distracted. Today we have Lonely This Christmas!

So as I was saying, here we are on day 8. Would you believe that we’re already a full week into blogmas? I know I am actually kind of surprised at myself for getting this far. Especially with my lack of organisation this year.  However it just goes to show that with the right movie on in the background, I can always manage to blast through and focus. And with saying that, I wanted to chat to you all today about the Christmas films on Netflix!

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this may be the first year I have been heavily disappointed in the Christmas movie selection on Netflix.  Sure, there are the ones that you’re likely to find playing on Channel 5, or kids ones that I’m sure are fab, but where are the classics? Saying that, I do still highly recommend taking time out of your very busy schedules to watch during this festive season.

  1. Nativity
    When a teacher under pressure gets himself into bother with a little lie, we end up with the perfect level of cheese and festive cheer. Children singing and dancing and being cute, Martin Freeman being a bit of a Scrooge, and it’s the perfect film to cosy up to no matter what your age. And please don’t judge me, but there’s a 4th film in the series that has just opened in the cinema, and I will be strongly considering going to watch it!
    My rating – 9/10  (Mr Poppy annoys me)
  2. The Princess Switch
    Vanessa Hudgens one minute is a baker from America entering a competition in a distant supposedly-European country. She is going about her life, battling her enemy, and bumps into Vanessa Hudgens as a duchess or similar with a very fake English accent.  Throw in Sam Palladio as the prince of this country, and I am sold! Who doesn’t love a little romantic twist to a classic story?
    My rating – 7/10 (Perfect for the Christmas spirit, marked down because of the acting)
  3. The Christmas Chronicles
    Okay so I haven’t seen this one yet, but it’s currently on my To Watch list. Two kids try to capture a video of Santa, and then everything goes horribly wrong.  Sounds perfect, right?
  4. Jack Frost
    Jack Frost is a musician waiting for his big break.  One Christmas he has to choose between his big break, and spending time with family.  Half way to the music, he realises he needs to be with his family and turns around.  Unfortunately, he never makes it home.  Or rather, he does. A year later. As a snowman.  Did I cry when watching this film? Yes. Will you? Most likely.
    Rating – 10/10
  5. Arthur Christmas
    I watched this once last year, and to be honest I’m still not 100% sure what it’s actually about. But I did love it, and it did fill me with some festive cheer!

Wow is that it? I may have to resort to my DVD collection… but above we have 5 films. Do you know what else we have? Three Sundays and 2 Saturdays. You can work that one out for yourselves!

What Christmas films have you seen on Netflix or Amazon Prime that you simply have to recommend to us all? Let me know in the comments below so I can watch them!

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  • ABackyardLife

    I can’t agree more that the selection seems thin this year! Hallmark is kicking Netflix booty on holiday film this season! Thanks for the reviews, I’ll check these out! And don’t miss Christmas Chronicles. . It’s the best I’ve seen this year!! Kurt Russell was an awesome Santa!!

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