Christmas Eve Dinner Ideas

Christmas Eve Dinner Ideas Life With Ktkinnes
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Happy Wednesday once again everybody, and welcome to the last week of the lead up to Christmas! The countdown is well and truly on now, and stress levels are beginning to rise in many households. Hopefully today’s post of Christmas Eve Dinner Ideas will help relieve some of that stress!

So as I say, one of the biggest stresses for us each year as a family is what can we have for dinner on Christmas Eve that will be simple and easy to fit in with all of our plans.  This year is slightly different – it’s our first year just the 4 of us, and we’re changing up our Christmas Eve plans to fit with that. One thing remains the same though, we want something that doesn’t require a lot of thought or effort on Christmas Eve.


The following suggestions can be adapted for any group for any occasion, but they can work perfectly for that Christmas Eve dinner.  Now, the below are based around people like us who have the turkey and ham with all the trimmings, and also those who eat their main meal in the evening.


Chilli Con Carne – served with rice or tortilla chips, this meal is perfect to just sit on the stove or in the slow cooker until you’re ready for it.  This is the sort of thing you can vary the spice, change up what you serve it with, and it always tastes better if it gets to sit for 24 hours first – perfect if you want to make it up on Sunday or Monday before the real food prep begins for Wednesday.


Pork or Beef Stroganoff – another dish to be served with rice, and not chicken based. Now it’s not as simple to set aside for as many days in advance, but it could be made today or tomorrow, frozen, defrosted, and cooked on Christmas Eve.


Lasagne – not something that you can leave cooking while you’re out at say the rugby club or pub, but it’s pasta and beef. It can be made in advance and left to just be put under the grill or in the oven when you get in. Serve it with some garlic bread or some salad, and you’ve got a simple, straight-forward meal that the whole family can enjoy.


Prawn Arrabbiata – I’ve linked to my “make your own sauce” recipe for this here, but for a really simple meal, why not buy a tub of the sauce from your local supermarket and some microwaveable rice? Perfect for those who will be spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in the kitchen!


Spinach and Bean Burrito – I had to throw in a vegetarian option.  Now this is a meal I made back when I was living on my own, and I’ve actually shared the recipe here  so feel free to check it out! What appeals to me about the spinach and bean burrito as a Christmas Eve dinner idea is it’s food you certainly won’t be having over the next couple of days!


What do you or your family have for dinner on Christmas Eve? Drop it in the comments below so we can help each other out with some meal suggestions!  And I will speak to you all again tomorrow for Blogmas Day 19. Can you believe we’ve reached this stage? Because I can’t!

Christmas Eve Dinner Ideas Life With Ktkinnes

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