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Christmas Eve Activities for 2021

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Christmas is coming, and Katie’s getting stressed, let’s get planning before we all get dressed. We are definitely getting closer and closer to Christmas. Therefore it’s time to get thinking about what Christmas Eve activities you want to do this year! And boy have I some ideas for you…

I adore our Christmas Eve tradition of when we’re at home. Preparing for the next day, last minute panic, followed by drinks at the rugby club. What I love most about Christmas Eve traditions is that they quickly become set in stone. Rachel and I feel strange whenever the routine changes! Or at least we used to. Until she qualified anyway. I mean, this year her Christmas Eve will consist of finishing work at 8am and going home to bed. But Christmas Eve activities are the focal point of any family tradition.

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Christmas Eve activities don’t all have to based around children either. I know a lot of people centre around the setting up for Santa. But as I said, ours have long been a morning of preparations followed by a family outing. The day always ended with an easy dinner, a movie, and a trip to church for the midnight service. I may have pulled away from the church and their teachings, but I do still love the Christmas services. Starting the service in darkness and the opening verse of Once In Royal David’s City being sung by the soloist? Trust me when I say it gives me shivers in a good way, and nothing signifies Christmas more to me than that. It actually makes me quite emotional, and I’ve no idea why.

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However, whether you’re looking for a tradition to start, or just something different to do this year, I’ll have you covered with my nifty list of Christmas Eve activities for this year! Don’t worry if you’ve to spend time preparing for Christmas Day; I’ll have enough of a selection below that can get you through any free time you may have.

red and white snowman standee decor

Christmas Eve Activities 1-10

  1. Check out your local theatres – there might still be tickets left to the pantomime or some other festive show. At this stage in the game, you mightn’t all be able to sit together, but it might be worth a try if there are only 2 of you! Whether it’s a concert, the panto, a short play, whatever. Doubtless you’ll come out bursting with the Christmas spirit.
  2. Visit a Christmas Market – while many close up before Christmas Eve, there may be one nearby still running!
  3. Play games!  For lots of us, it’s the actual act of spending time together at Christmas that makes it so special, so why not take the time to go back in time and play some games together? Board games, cards, even ones on your PlayStation or whatever can be multiplayer and cause a good laugh.
  4. Movie Day! You could all pick your favourite films and watch them back to back. Make them extra fun with festive snacks, Christmas drinks, and just relax. You’ve earned it!
  5. Karaoke afternoon! Put on Christmas songs on YouTube and make sure they have the lyrics on screen?  Belt out your favourite festive songs and have a karaoke afternoon in. Bonus point to anyone who doesn’t need the lyrics,
  6. Get some fresh air – why not head to the local park or somewhere nearby for a walk in the crisp winter air?  It’s a chance you mightn’t get over the next couple of days, so a bit of fresh air to put a spring in your step.
  7. Explore your neighbourhood – You can take in the sight of everyone’s decorations, and have a competition to see who has the most lights or the most festive feeling decorations. Alternatively, if it’s too cold with you to go for a walk and do this, why not just jump in the car? What you could do is create a “Christmas Eve Bingo Card” for your decorations and see who can get a full house first?
  8. Head to the pub – it’s what we do! But some festive cheer can always be found where drink is flowing. Find somewhere with live music and enjoy the atmosphere around you.
  9. Bake something – this can either be munched over the next few days, or left out for Santa!
  10. Make a Gingerbread House
brown and white house miniature on white towel christmas eve activities baking a gingerbread house

Activities for Christmas Eve 11-20

  1. Make Reindeer food
  2. Visit family or friends
  3. Go to a carol service
  4. Leave out a note and snacks for Santa
  5. Have a Christmas quiz
  6. A bedroom tidy (in preparation for all the new toys!)
  7. Volunteer somewhere local, or sign up to do a week in the new year
  8. Snuggle up with a Christmas book
  9. Go to the cinema
  10. Have a pamper night with manicures, face masks, foot masks, the lot!
a woman a boy and a baby sitting in front of a christmas tree

Activities 21-30

  1. Work on a Christmas Jigsaw
  2. Cook dinner as a family – just make something everyone can help with!
  3. Blast Christmas music round the house and have a dance party
  4. Make some last minute decorations
  5. Build a snowman
  6. Have a snowball fight
  7. Go ice skating
  8. Go Stargazing
  9. Build a blanket fort
  10. Make Christmas Cocktails
festive table with glasses of colorful beverages

Of course, there are many more Christmas Eve activities you and your family can partake in. This year we’re doing things slightly differently, so won’t be at the rugby club for the 3rd consecutive year. But we do plan on finding a festive looking pub, and playing some board games! I’m hoping to have a few Christmas songs up my sleeves for either the piano or the guitar – whichever I have access to easiest – and we’ll possibly even have a sing-song.

ukulele beside a floral box and string lights

What are some Christmas Eve activities you do most years? Is there anything above that you’ll be adding to your list to do? Or maybe I’ve missed something you can’t imagine having Christmas Eve without? As always, share them with us below! Over on Christmas With Katie today we’re talking some Christmas breakfast ideas that you simply won’t want to miss, so hop on over there now!

All Thoughts Welcome!

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