My Ultimate Christmas Bucket List for 2020 Life With Ktkinnes

My Ultimate Christmas Bucket List for 2020

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Ah Wednesday, you beautiful morning! And good morning to you my friend! It’s day two of Blogmas 2020, and today we’re exploring my ultimate Christmas bucket list for December 2020! 

Every December I start the month with a mile-long list of things I want to do before the festive period is over. And since we actually only have another 23 days (not including today) until Christmas is once again over for another year, let’s dive right in to my Christmas bucket list!

  • Watch a Christmas film each day
    I love all Christmas films – especially the cheesy ones you get on the Sky channels that have a cast of unknown faces and all seem to follow the same storyline!
  • Build a snowman
    Will this be the year we actually get snow for Christmas? I doubt it. But I’m still putting build a snowman on my Christmas bucket list!
Christmas Bucket List - Build A Snowman
  • Go Ice Skating
    I’ve only been once before, and I want to try it again! Actually, I don’t think our skating rinks are going to reopen any time soon. But a girl can dream!
  • Go Stargazing
    There’s something magical about looking at a perfectly clear sky and staring at the stars while you can see your breath. I need to find somewhere nice and dark away from houses to be able to tick this off my Christmas bucket list!
Christmas Bucket List - Go Stargazing
  • Have a bonfire
    Similar to the above, how amazing would it be to be sitting or standing in the snow around the flames of a bonfire, wrapped in blankets and drinking mulled wine[AFF]?!
  • Go to a Christmas Concert
    Getting to see both the Messiah concert and the Magic of Christmas concert last year was incredible. I just hope I can tick another concert off my bucket list! But it definitely won’t be this year.
Christmas Bucket List - Christmas Concert
  • Build a blanket fort!
    Remember when you were a kid how fun those forts could be? I want to make one and crawl into it with hot chocolate, chocolate coins, and a good festive book!
  • Build a gingerbread house
    Can you believe I’ve never done this before? I’m considering buying this kit [AFF], but if you know of a better one let me know down below!
My Ultimate Christmas Bucket List for 2020 Life With Ktkinnes
  • View the Lisburn Festival of Lights in the dark
    My city for the last few years has done a Light Show in the winter. There are lights hung the whole way around the main street, and music plays through the speakers. And while it’s the cheesiest thing ever to happen, it’s also kinda magical to watch when it’s cold and dark outside!
  • Wear a Christmas jumper to work every Friday
    What, it’s not like I don’t own enough of them! Plus, there are only 3 Fridays in December. And I’m actually only in work for two of them… so it’s only fair that I wear my jumper each of those days.
My Ultimate Christmas Bucket List for 2020 Life With Ktkinnes
Christmas Jumper from Amazon – BRAVE SOUL Women’s Jumper – not an affiliate link
  • Have a Christmas Pinterest pin go viral
    Highly unlikely I know, but a girl can dream!

So there you have it! A short but sweet Christmas bucket list that, were I able to do everything on it, would lead to the ultimate December 2020 for me! What’s on your Christmas bucket list this year? If you’re still looking for Christmas themed activities, you should check out Abby’s Christmas Fun And Games post!


  • Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader)

    This is a great list! Something we used to do as a child when I lived in England was go to a pantomime. They were always so funny. A few years ago, I rediscovered them with my daughters and we loved them.

    Sad that we won’t be able to do some of these fun things in 2020 but we’ll just make the best of the ones we can do! 🙂

  • Em

    This is a great list! I’d love to go ice skating this year, but sadly as you said, it might not be open this year. We have a pop up ice rink that usually appears every year in our city. Fingers crossed though!

    Em x

  • thedoubtingthomas

    I like these ones! Can definitely tick off the Christmas movie, although every day might be pushing it a little for the adults! I cannot ice skate so thank heavens they’re closed! But, I’m liking the sound of some of the inside ones, especially if baking is involved. Such a sweet list 🙂

  • Sophie

    I think we are due snow in Sheffield this weekend so fingers crossed for a white Christmas – that would be a great end to the year!

  • voluptuouschatterbox

    I love this list and have added stargazing to my winter could-do list! I’ve been ice-skating once as well and would love to go round this time of year. I’m hoping they reopen soon to! Also, the Lisburn festival of light is something I’ve never heard about! Definitely interested in that. 🙂 Hope you do all you want this month. x


  • Kayleigh Zara

    I’d really like to go ice skating this year but I don’t think it’ll happen! These are some great bucket list goals x

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