Just a short post this morning – Rachel just caught me watching 24 so I don’t think she’s talking to me at the moment. When I left Glasgow I was 2 seasons ahead of them and so instead of sitting still with it I continued secretly. Now Miss Blabber-mouth is annoyed at me for daring to watch on and has told mum who now also is annoyed at me. Shall I remind Rachel that according to her I’ve “moved out” and therefore can watch what I want? Nah, instead I’ll just remind her that the secrets I know about her will get her into more trouble than my secrets would cause me. Little bit of sisterly love on a Sunday morning is always nice 😊 hope you’re all having a good morning! 

Ktkinnes xx



3 thoughts on “Caught

  1. Think sisters all over the world are the same haha, just overheard my mum on the phone with her sister reminding her that she did my aunt a favour so my aunt owes her! Sisters are brilliant though, wouldn’t swap mine for the world

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