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Feel Good Fridays

Just a short post today to explain that I may be posting less over the next few days. Rachel arrived in Glasgow last night and today we're heading to Dundee for a few days.  Before I go, I thought I'd share my most recent tv addiction with you - Pretty Little Liars. Before Rachel arrived,… Continue reading Feel Good Fridays

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Holiday thoughts

Once again, my mind has been drawn to the upcoming holiday to Ibiza however today I haven't been as excited as in previous years. Looking on TripAdvisor for the hotel (link included), I'm beginning to be a little apprehensive about booking half board. According to the recent reviews, not enough diners were staying for dinner and so… Continue reading Holiday thoughts

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That Friday Feeling I woke up this morning with this song blasting through my head. It's cloudy, been raining and feels cold but I don't care because in 48 hours the car will be packed and we'll be on our way to the airport! Today will be spent running around gathering spending money, tidying and cleaning, and… Continue reading That Friday Feeling

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Wishful Wednesday and other such news.

Okay before I begin tonight, I just want to apologise for my complete lack of posting over the past 2 weeks. Again, there's been no real reason for it except I'm revising for resits and too lazy to write the posts earlier. Although I suppose when I first started out blogging I never intended to… Continue reading Wishful Wednesday and other such news.

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Looking back

Once again, another month is over. Today I'm travelling back to the oh so delightful land of Northern Ireland where the only exciting thing will be seeing the animals again (Baron and Maisie). I cannot wait to see these two fluff balls again tonight! Travel is always boring and so today I have made sure… Continue reading Looking back

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Quick question

Should I sign up for Disney Life? It's  A unique digital membership giving you access to [Disney's] biggest collection of Disney movies, kids' TV box sets, books, music and apps, in one place for the first time! They have a one month free trial and then afterwards it's £9.99... Should I go for the free… Continue reading Quick question