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While a lot of blogging is fun and games, there are times we need to talk about more serious matters. In Serious Stuff you will find all the more important topics that don't seem to be talked about enough. When I first started blogging, I did so because I wanted to have somewhere I could talk serious stuff and share my experiences of life. I hoped that somewhere through my student ramblings, I would create a safe space for others to come and learn. For them to realise they aren’t alone, and to share their own experiences in the hope that we could all one day create the change we want to see in the world. Through my student years, I shared my experiences of how and why my course wasn’t right. I talked about friendships and hardships, focusing on blogging and tv and books, with the occasional post shared on how my mental health was deteriorating. At least, it’s with hindsight that I read those posts and see that. I then left university and entered the world of work. I changed my tagline to “ramblings of a so-called adult” and began to talk more about my life experiences and other serious stuff. I’ve talked about how difficult it can be to find a job. Or once you get a job, some of the things you might experience while working there. I’ve talked about the difficulty when you’re in one country and every single one of your friends is in another one. And again we’ve talked mental health. Here I’m talking racism, politics, mental health, sexuality, relationships with friends and family, how to become more eco-friendly, amongst many other topics of conversation.

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    My Function of Beauty Experience

    Good morning again and happy Wednesday! Well, it is and it isn’t. I’m actually off work today, so technically my weekend has started already, and I’m a little tired out. But I wanted to share with you today about my experience of using the Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner set!

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    What Right?

    It’s another new day, and another new post. And to be honest I started writing this post and kept closing down the laptop. What right do I have to discuss race and racism? What right do I have to write about White Privilege? What right have I to try and talk to you all about something that I personally am only properly teaching myself now? Well my friends, this whole site came about from me trying to figure out life. So settle back and grab a drink, because this might be a hard pill to swallow.

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    My Weight Journey – 11 Stone And Counting

    And once again it’s a Wednesday morning! How are we all keeping? Did you know that today marks 14 Wednesdays of being at home and fully furloughed? Well the exciting news is that’s all changing soon, but to find out more you’ll need to pop back next week! So in the meantime, I wanted to talk today about weight (gain and loss). If this is something that may trigger you then I apologise, but today’s post is all about my weight journey – one I’m still on.

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    [AD – PR Product] Reco’s ToothTabs

    And once again we’re here on a Wednesday morning! How are you all this morning? I can’t believe we’re almost a week into May already. In fact, thinking back to this time last year and the fact we were heading off on holiday. I can’t believe I’m jealous of year-ago-me. She didn’t know how good she had it.  But that brings me to today’s PR product – Reco’s ToothTabs, sent to me in exchange for an honest review. For more information about my sponsored/ad posts, please read my disclaimer.

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    Over The Years

    And it’s Tuesday again already, the alarm went off half an hour ago, and I am heading back into work.  Did anyone else really need that Bank Holiday yesterday? It seemed like a long summer, even with the couple of days off in July.  Note to self – next year I am taking some time off over the summer!

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    Let’s Get Political (Part 1)

    Okay so those of you who read my posts on a regular basis know that I stay away from politics here because, quite honestly, that would mean a heck of a lot more research and probably half of you would find that unfollow button to get away from me. But this was one I felt I really needed to write. So please, if you don’t like what I have to say then feel free to let me know. I’m always open to hearing different views and opinions, and I strongly believe that everyone’s beliefs and opinions have the right to be heard.  

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    Your Closet

    Happy National Coming Out Day to anyone and everyone! I didn’t actually know this was a thing until I attended a Coming Out Campaign run by University of Glasgow’s LGBTQ+ Society back on Wednesday 28th September. During this event, we discussed why we have a national coming out day, whether there’s a need for it, and what our opinions of it in general were.