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The Lockdown Silver Linings Tag

And here we are on another Wednesday! As we wake up on what is my 5th Wednesday morning off work, today I am taking part in the Lockdown Silver Linings Tag.

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2020 So Far – Part 1

It’s another Wednesday folks! I can’t believe we’re already this far into April, or into 2020 in general. Isn’t it mad how time just flies? Well, I say it’s flown, but 2020 so far hasn’t exactly been the marvelous year we all anticipated, has it? Continue reading “2020 So Far – Part 1”

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April 2020

Oh dear goodness… do you remember a month ago when I actually thought March would be a good month? As we start April 2020, a lot of us are unsure of what the next week, month, or even the next few months will bring. But as ever, it’s the first day of April 2020, and it’s no April Fool’s that we’re still inside. So grab a cuppa, or an alcoholic beverage because who am I to tell you when you can or can’t drink, and let’s have a little catch up shall we?

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Book Spotlight – The Russian Lieutenant

I feel like I shouldn’t start today’s post with “Happy Wednesday!” – in fact, even sitting down to write this feels a little strange. It’s the middle of the morning. I should be answering work calls, fighting with pinking scissors on fluffy velvets, and invoicing out goods. But with work officially closed for at least the next 3 weeks, what better time to highlight a new book you could all be reading?

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Tusker by Dougie Arnold*

Two posts in one day? Oh you lucky people! As I was saying in my earlier post – Hypnos by Jon Biddle – I somehow managed to arrange to have two book reviews go live in the one day. So welcome back to Life With Ktkinnes, as we take a look at Tusker by Dougie Arnold. Continue reading “Tusker by Dougie Arnold*”

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Romantically Ever After

Hello everyone! I suppose you thought I’d completely forgotten about you over the last couple of weeks?  Well it would appear that my posting weekly in February hasn’t worked out. But today I’m back to talk to you about The Romantically Ever Box Set. Continue reading “Romantically Ever After”