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Hello December!

Here we are once again on the first day of December, and welcoming in a new Blogmas season. Are you excited? I sure am! Today is the day we say Hello December, and dust off the old Christmas decorations – yes they go up today no matter what! Continue reading “Hello December!”

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December 2018

This post is going to confuse me next year hahah… Don’t worry, you haven’t missed a day! With blogmas starting tomorrow, I wanted to kickstart December 2018 a day early, just to tidy everything up.

Continue reading “December 2018”

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My Bucket List

Happy Friday everyone! Can you believe how close we are to the weekend? I can almost taste the cocktails and wine…. but before we can get there, there’s today’s work to get through. So I thought that today we could take a look at my bucket list. Continue reading “My Bucket List”

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My Glasgow Weekend

I’m back again! Well, I got back on Sunday, what I mean is it’s another new post day! And we’re getting closer and closer to the beginning of blogmas… I feel so unprepared this year! Better get to it… but today I’m here to chat about my Glasgow weekend. Continue reading “My Glasgow Weekend”

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Back to Blogging

Can I write this post? Have I made a proper comeback to blogging? I don’t know. But it’s Friday, I’m flying off to Glasgow this afternoon, and this will be my 11th post since I came back to blogging. Continue reading “Back to Blogging”

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Packing For Glasgow

Hello once again! Did anyone actually pick up on the fact that Monday’s post only went out yesterday, or have I shot myself in the foot by pointing it out today? Well, either way, it’s Wednesday and I’ve to start packing for Glasgow! Continue reading “Packing For Glasgow”

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My Myers-Briggs Personality

Well I won’t lie, I am so so glad it’s finally Friday! Today, I decided to look up and discuss my Myers-Briggs personality – something a little different for a Friday! Continue reading “My Myers-Briggs Personality”

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Home Alone This Weekend

Gooood morning everyone! Isn’t it a glorious autumnal day out there? You could attribute my great mood to the fact that I’m home alone this weekend, but I think it’s more to do with the fact that we’re on the countdown to the weekend again. Continue reading “Home Alone This Weekend”

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My Open University Experience So Far

Happy Friday everyone! How are you all today? At least it’s almost the weekend! Today I wanted to chat a little about something that’s been taking up a lot of my time recently, but I’m loving it – the Open University! Continue reading “My Open University Experience So Far”

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November 2018

Remember me? I’m Katie, the 23 year old so-called blogger living in Northern Ireland. And I can’t believe it’s November 2018 already, or that I didn’t post for nearly 2 months…  Continue reading “November 2018”