Killing Time with Online Games

Well, as we approach the end of September, I have a confession to make. I’m back to playing online games, and it’s beginning to take over my thoughts!

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September 2021

Well, that was a whirlwind of a month! Here we are, September 2021, and I genuinely don’t know where this year is going to. So much so, I managed to have a bit of a melt-down last week. September 2021 is officially here. Meaning it’s time for birthdays, schools to start, autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place… whoops, I sort of ended up using lyrics there of a favourite song! But you catch my drift.

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Returning with a giveaway!

person holding black ceramic teapot

Sometimes a break from blogging is needed. I’ve talked about that often. And the return is always slow. Tentative. Almost like a cautious “can I still do this?”. But once you get past that blinking cursor, something clicks and the words begin to flow. So, to mark my return to blogging, and to celebrate a full 7 years of Life With Ktkinnes, I’m here with a little giveaway!

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