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5 Marketing Ideas for Your New Start-Up | AD

If you want your new start-up business to be successful, you will need to explore a variety of different marketing strategies. For example, you may need to build a new website, hand out leaflets or advertise on social media channels. Some marketing techniques will work well for your business and some may not, so it is important to experiment with different strategies until you find success.

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Christmas Card Swap 2020

It’s back again! As part of Christmas With Ktkinnes, I am bringing back my Christmas Card Swap for the fifth year in a row! Some of you may be thinking it’s a little early, but here we are anyway. It’s the approaching the end of September, and I’m announcing the next element of my Christmas plans!

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Maldives Paradise Reed Diffuser: A Must Buy? [AD – PR Product]

Happy Monday everyone! “What’s this?” you may find yourselves asking. “Is it Wednesday already?” The answer being no, I just decided to spoil you this week with an extra post! Who knows, if you’re lucky we might even reach the old 3 or 4 posts this week! But with spending yesterday by the sea on the beach at Portballintrae, I really got the bug of wanting to go on holiday again. That’s why today’s post is a review of Asia Jade Beauty’s Maldives Paradise Reed Diffuser, kindly sent to me for free in exchange for an honest review.

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[AD – PR Products] An Exciting Birthday Surprise from Moonpig

Ah you thought I’d disappeared again until Wednesday after my quarter life crisis this week, didn’t you? Well instead, today I’m here to talk to you about the exciting birthday surprise I was kindly sent by Moonpig to help spread the joy of birthdays! Please note, this is a sponsored post, however all views and thoughts expressed are 100% honest and my own unless clearly marked. If you would like to know more about my sponsored content, please read my Disclaimer. I have also added affiliate links to this post, meaning that if you make a purchase through any links marked as [AFF] I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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My Quarter Life Crisis: Happy Birthday To Me!

Goooood morning to you, and happy Wednesday! Is it happy? Well, it may be. I mean, it is my birthday after all! However I seem to have woken up having a bit of a quarter life crisis… but yes – today I turn 25 years old.

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Blogging Resources for Every Blogger

As much as every workman has their tools, every blogger has those few blogging resources they refer back to time and time again. After more than 6 years of Life With Ktkinnes, I decided to share with you the tools and resources I use and recommend. Please note this post on blogging resources contains some affiliate links, meaning if you make a qualifying purchase through one of my links I may receive a small commission.

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September 2020

Ah September 2020. September brings about feelings of optimism and that “new year new me” feeling that we all crave. I think it goes back to the school days.  Will that feeling ever go away do you reckon? Well regardless, September 2020 is here, and after 5 months of either being fully furloughed or part time furloughed, I am back in the office all week!

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MyPropertyID – My Thoughts and Experience [AD]

Ah Wednesday again! Is it scaring anyone else that we’re in the last full week of August? Just me? Must be because it’s not only 2 weeks until my birthday! But today’s new post is nothing to do with that you’ll be glad to hear. Instead, I wanted to talk to you about MyPropertyID. I was very kindly sent a PR package by MyPropertyID in exchange for a post on social media, but I decided to share my thoughts with you here on the blog today.

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My Birthday Wish List for Turning 25

Happy Wednesday everyone! How are we all today? To be honest, I’m in a little bit of a panic… 3 weeks today I’ll be turning 25 years old. A quarter of a century! So while I’m somewhat stressing about this, and the fact that it’s getting closer and closer to my first full week back in the office since the middle of March, I decided to try something lighthearted and fun for today’s post – a birthday wish list. This post contains affiliate links, meaning if you purchase through one of them I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.  Continue reading “My Birthday Wish List for Turning 25”