Disneyland Paris 2017: Part 2

Welcome back to my tales of Disneyland Paris 2017! Missed Part 1? Check it out here!   Jordanne and I had a great mini break away with her little guy to Disneyland Paris last week. Above is the link to what we got up to on our first day in the parks, and now welcome… Continue reading Disneyland Paris 2017: Part 2


Disneyland Paris 2017: Part 1

A week after my trip to Disneyland Paris, I bring you part 1 of what we got up to!

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Christmas Card Swap 2017

Hello everyone! Now I know the title of this post has probably put The Fear into a lot of you and for that I'm sorry! But it's coming up to that time of year again. Heck, I've even had blogmas posts in my drafts since March! However we won't go there yet.   Do you… Continue reading Christmas Card Swap 2017


My Skincare Routine 

A little look at what goes into keeping my skin as clear as possible!


Katie Rambles Again

Eugh. Who knew moving could take so much time and energy?   It's Friday again! And tomorrow is my 22nd birthday! There's so much to do in the next 24 hours, never mind the next 48 hours before we head off to Paris! So of course my laptop decides to malfunction and not let me… Continue reading Katie Rambles Again


A Brief Update

Wow okay that was a busy start to the month and wow am I tired!  My little flat is slowly getting there, and once it's finished I'll give you a little room tour! Once I've figured it all out of course... Anyway! How is everyone? I was in the mood for a chatty post but… Continue reading A Brief Update


Ideal Prime Beach Hotel – Turkey 2017

Did I mention I went on a summer holiday to Turkey? Come find out what I thought of Idea Prime Beach Hotel!


Month 9

Wow August fairly flew by! Have you missed me? I'm back! And in today's post, I'm talking all about the fun I've had over the last month.


Month 8

AAAHHHHH!!!! Okay so I completely vanished for a while - I haven't really had the energy to post for quite a while. That's not me saying to watch out for my usual routine to be back in place (as I'm currently in Turkey) but I am aware of it and will do my best to… Continue reading Month 8


An Idea

Hello everyone! Welcome to my Monday Morning post, where today I have to ask you all. Over the weekend, I was working on certain aspects of my blog - mainly behind the scenes - when I found myself thinking of ways to expand Life With Ktkinnes. An idea popped into my head. This time last… Continue reading An Idea