Pros and Cons of a New Build Property

luxurious cottage house facade in winter

Guest Post | Home hunters usually come in two groups – those who want a new build property that no one’s ever lived in before and those who want a period property complete with sash windows, bay windows and fireplaces in every room. 

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Is Vinyl Flooring a Good Option for a Child’s Room?

Is Vinyl Flooring a Good Option for a Child's Room? Life With Ktkinnes

Collaborative Guest Post | Many children today require stability and change can offset their play and rest patterns more than we realise. With their bedrooms, you need to be sure that they have a place that is secure and provides lasting fun and comfort to be able to fuel creativeness. No matter what age, they will crawl, fall, roll, and stomp around and provide messes you didn’t think would be humanly possible from one small human. From stepping on toy cars to cleaning up dirt and paint, the floor in your children’s room is among the highest victims of excitable nature. This is why luxury vinyl flooring is the best layer to have under your little hurricanes.

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