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    9 Frequently Asked Questions on BPD

    Happy Wednesday! Can anyone else not quite believe we’re into the last week of January? It’s been a long month, and doesn’t look set to change any time soon. Between cold weather, dark nights, and constant lockdowns that never seem to end, it’s been hard. But the end is in sight, and so to end the month, I wanted to share an important guest post with you all. Payton has kindly submitted a guest post all about BPD, or Borderline Personality Disorder.

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    BeautyTies Christmas Tag | Guest Post

    Happy Monday everyone! Is it happy? It’s my first Monday in the office since 23rd November, and to be honest I was not impressed when the alarm went off this morning. But today we’re here with a guest post from Collette and Julia at Beauty Ties, sharing their answers to my Christmas Tag post! I’ll hand you over to them now!

  • A UK small business with a sign on the door saying ! Come in, we're awesome!"
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    How To Support UK Small Businesses – A Guest Post

    What’s this – a post on a Monday? Katie must be going mad! Well, actually I just was too excited to share this guest post from Amy to wait for another clear slot on my post planner. So I suppose you’re getting three posts this week. Shall we dive on in, as Amy shows us how to support UK small businesses? The next words you read will be from Amy, so enjoy!

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    Something Different

    Good morning my lovely friends! How are you all today?  I’m currently in a fantastic mood, because while I’ve had to get up for work, I only have today and tomorrow left in work! This weekend is the weekend I’m away with Rachel as part of her 21st birthday present – so excited! Actually, speaking of Rachel and something different, I’ve asked Rachel to write today’s guest post for you all.  And without explaining it, I’m going to hand you over to her now.  Enjoy!

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    Guest Post: Last Minute Gifts

    Hello hello hello! Thursday morning sure came round quickly, didn’t it? Well, this morning I’m bringing you a guest post from the lovely Melanie from Anniversary Giftz. So without further ramblings from me, I’ll hand you over to Melanie!

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    Guest Post: 5 Annoying Behaviours That Will Make You Successful This Year

    Hello Amazing People, It’s the new year, and most of us are reeling with excitement about our plans and dreams. Some have taken the plunge at new year resolutions, even dared to make them public. A number of us want to be at least better at doing or being something. Am I right? Well, I’m here to shake up your perspective a little. You see, just like you, I’m figuring out life and the desire to be successful fills my heart every day or at least most days, when I’m not overwhelmed. While most people will advise you to be good and easy to like as a pathway to achieve…

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    Guest Post: This Is Halloween

    Halloween. Some of us like it, some of us dislike it…I adore it and in my personal opinion it is one of the best times of the year. The leaves are falling on the ground, the weather is turning chilly and I get to buy all the pairs of boots I want! But most importantly the end of October signifies something else, Christmas is almost here! But worry not I’m here to talk all about Halloween today and to let you people know just what it is I love about this spooky time of year!   I’m a complete horror buff, I love all horror movies and I’m addicted to…