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Guest Post: Last Minute Gifts

Hello hello hello! Thursday morning sure came round quickly, didn’t it? Well, this morning I’m bringing you a guest post from the lovely Melanie from Anniversary Giftz. So without further ramblings from me, I’ll hand you over to Melanie! Continue reading “Guest Post: Last Minute Gifts”

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Guest Post: Healthy Meals & Exercise VS Crash Diets

As a little treat for you, today we have a guest post written by Michelle Hannan. Michelle wants to talk to you about things you need to go regarding the pros and cons of healthy meals and exercise, versus crash diets. Continue reading “Guest Post: Healthy Meals & Exercise VS Crash Diets”

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Guest Post: 5 Annoying Behaviours That Will Make You Successful This Year

Hello Amazing People,

It’s the new year, and most of us are reeling with excitement about our plans and dreams. Some have taken the plunge at new year resolutions, even dared to make them public. A number of us want to be at least better at doing or being something. Am I right?

Well, I’m here to shake up your perspective a little. You see, just like you, I’m figuring out life and the desire to be successful fills my heart every day or at least most days, when I’m not overwhelmed. While most people will advise you to be good and easy to like as a pathway to achieve success, I bring a different approach to the table. Indulge me, as I walk you through five annoying behaviors that will make you successful this year, and I will also tell you why they work. Let’s dive in!

#1 Be Loud with Your Ideas and Dreams.

We’ve all been there! We’ve had that friend, family member or random person that just won’t shut up about what they want to do. They drive you and everyone around nuts with their newest flair and passion, and you suck your teeth as you listen or zone out. Well, I’m asking you to do the exact same thing this year. You see, there is nothing cute about a great idea that just never leaves your head or heart or you are working yourself out privately and never really achieving anything. As annoying as it is to keep talking about yourself and your dreams, you might find someone willing to collaborate with you, or a suggestion that will polish your idea. Even better when someone who found you annoying is sharing their irritation about you, they will inadvertently connect you with a partner who will help you execute your ideas.

#2 Bossy Self Confidence

Very often people often equate low self esteem or any form of your doing everything possible to stay unnoticed to humility. I beg to differ! I believe in being humble but I don’t agree that you should exude anything short of a strong sense of self to portray that. Over the years, I have learned and seen, people treat you how you perceive yourself. In other words, act like a successful person and you will be treated as one. I don’t mean you should be unapproachable and have a ridiculous behavior. But take yourself, your time, and whatever you do seriously. More importantly, be confident in who you are, what you’re doing, and where you’re going. It might annoy some people, but it will promote you and what you do.

#3 Insist on your values and what you believe in.

Think back to the last time you were in a conversation with someone that just won’t budge on their opinion. It’s even more aggravating when they are wrong or making absolutely no sense. Well, this is not exactly the same, but could provoke the same reaction. Part of establishing yourself includes being known for who you are and what you believe in. This is not the year to be flexible, and wishy-washy in what you believe in. Your values define in and will translate into the things you do. So, insist on them, stand by them, and if it makes you unlikable by some people, so be it.

#4 Tell Negative People Off.

Telling people off is generally annoying, I get that and I’m sure you do too. However, I have observed that people continue to spew negativity into you and/or what you do until they are stopped. Don’t let them stay long in telling you how you can’t be or can’t achieve. Don’t tolerate their disbelief in you because you might soon start believing them. Tell them off and let them know they can stay in your life and be quiet or support you, not anything else.

#5 Celebrate Yourself

The norm is to wait for people to pat you on the back and let you know you’re doing well. When you beat your drums yourself, you might appear obnoxious. Well, this is the year to be just that. Encourage yourself, celebrate your victories or achievements, do the patting on the back, clap and cheer for yourself. When you do this, you encourage yourself. Some people that don’t know what you’re doing will recognize it better. Here is the thing, some might find it annoying, but others will join you in celebrating yourself.

There you have it! I wish you an amazing new year annoying some people, but getting closer and closer to your dreams.

This has been a guest post written by Winie. Winie blogs at Winie’s Student World, where she creates a daily lifestyle guide focusing on Food, Health, Student Life, and Career Tips, to empower youth around the world. Winie’s Student World captures a global audience of youth, challenging and inspiring them to reach for excellence.

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Guest Post: This Is Halloween

Halloween. Some of us like it, some of us dislike it…I adore it and in my personal opinion it is one of the best times of the year. The leaves are falling on the ground, the weather is turning chilly and I get to buy all the pairs of boots I want! But most importantly the end of October signifies something else, Christmas is almost here! But worry not I’m here to talk all about Halloween today and to let you people know just what it is I love about this spooky time of year!

I’m a complete horror buff, I love all horror movies and I’m addicted to playing horror games too, the scarier the better in my opinion so I think it’s this that adds to my love of Halloween, I just love to scare myself haha! But aside from that I am also fascinated by the paranormal, my ideal evening would be on a ghost hunt at a haunted castle! Call me crazy but peoples personal experiences with the paranormal really really interests me!



What I do on Halloween


Much like Christmas I have my traditions to do with the kids. We usually carve pumpkins, eat a lot of sweets and chocolates, then order in a pizza and watch Nightmare before Christmas and Hocus Pocus! The kids love to do this and it always gives them something to look forward to. When the kids are in bed I will usually play some Silent Hill on the Xbox and then watch a couple of films, usually Halloween and Poltergeist!


I would love to know if you do anything for Halloween and what it is you do!


Happy Halloween Everyone!


This has been a guest post written by Claire from ThatMummaRocks. Her links can be found here:

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Guest Post: Perfect Gifts for Wedding Anniversaries

You and your spouse should appreciate every moment that you spend together, expressing your love, tenderness and thankfulness for each other. However, wedding anniversaries are symbols of the beginning of your life together and perfect opportunities to celebrate your love. We know how important is the perfect gift in that occasion so we collected several ideas for perfect gifts you can give your spouse on your major anniversaries.

Continue reading “Guest Post: Perfect Gifts for Wedding Anniversaries”

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Guest Post: 7 Defining Health Benefits of Green Tea

The popularity of green tea has grown exponentially over the past few years. Along with the increased demand for healthier food choices, green tea has skyrocketed to the top of the all-time favorite food list. This phenomenon is clearly evident in the food industry, with cafes offering drinks that are specially concocted with green tea extracts, and even household snacks have modified their products to offer green tea flavored options.

Continue reading “Guest Post: 7 Defining Health Benefits of Green Tea”

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4 Summer Color Palettes For Your Decor

Hey Lovelies, the summer season has arrived and with that comes new seasonal colours to expect for your decor. Let’s talk colours, from summer brights to soft pink and greys. Style? Take on the minimalist look or go bold with prints…yes prints! There are many different types of colours, looks and styles to take on in order to switch it up when it comes to your home this summer season.

Continue reading “4 Summer Color Palettes For Your Decor”

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Call The Midwife: Why I’m Celebrating You

Hi all! I’m Gemma from BeautyBlitzBlog, and I’m writing this post to draw attention to the amazing women who helped me during and after the birth of my son Owen. I don’t want to spend too long dwelling on his birth; it was a rather traumatic experience and I’d rather save it for another blog post! Instead, when International Day of the Midwife is upon us, I’d rather focus on those wonderful ladies who helped me through it, giving them the credit they well and truly deserve (and earned!).

thumbnail_Baby feet basket

It wasn’t even during the birth that I had contact with the Midwives who helped deliver my son. I had previously suffered a miscarriage at 10 weeks, and my local midwife came to see me at my house when I phoned her to report the miscarriage. She held my hand whilst I cried, and helped in her own way to ease the loss I felt. Upon confirming my second pregnancy, she helped me through my worries that the same would happen again, and was there for all visits, appointments and check-ups. She helped turn a previously distressing experience into something beautiful and special for me and my husband.


When Owen eventually decided to come (5 weeks early!), it wasn’t a straightforward birth and at the last minute a doctor had to be brought in (Off the Picket lines – long story!!) to deliver Owen, but the care I received up to this point was impeccable and cannot be faulted in any way. They did everything in their power to make sure I was comfortable; fetching me water and bowls when I felt sick, held my hand when the cramps were strong as my husband hadn’t arrived yet (again, long story!). One Midwife, Claire, even gave up her break to sit with me and told me a long story about her son to distract me when I was being examined down there. They were so strong and in control; they constantly reassured me that everything was normal and that it was the most amazing thing happening to my body. Looking back, I know midwives do and say these things every day, but they made me feel so important and cared for.



And in the follow up month that Owen spent in the NICU ward in hospital, they were just so incredible. As he was incubated, I found it incredibly challenging not being able to hold him or cuddle him, and trying to establish breastfeeding was a nightmare, but the Midwives on the wards were simply wonderful in the support offered to me – both inside and outside the hospital. They were so patient with me; I know it’s not easy dealing with a hormonal first time mom who’s been separated from her baby, but if I annoyed them with my questions they didn’t let on once. The postpartum support was incredible; all the home visits and office visits to ensure my son and I were doing well really helped me a lot. They were always so positive, even on days when I felt a failure they made me see that I was doing the right thing by persevering. I didn’t struggle in those early few weeks – despite the difficulty in the situation – because they were there.

Afterwards, when we were both back at home I struggled with breastfeeding, developed Mastitis twice and Owen wasn’t latching and feeding well, but they were continually at the end of the phone, to offer advice and drop in and check up on us if I needed it. It was a gift having such powerful and controlled women (and men) supporting me and my husband during the birth of our son, and celebrating with us the miracle of pregnancy and birth.
Because of you, I have a beautiful, healthy little baby, whose health and wellbeing I am thankful for every single day. You made the experience so wholeheartedly wonderful, I truly am blessed to have had such a caring and efficient team. I have no doubt that the benefits of having a midwife from a medical perspective are extensive, but most of all it was the support they provided me in facilitating the normal process of birth that makes them valuable. And for that I’ll be eternally grateful. Midwives rock!!
International Day of the Midwife is on 5th May. You can find out more about it here.



This has been a guest post written by Gemma from Beauty Blitz Blog. If you’ve enjoyed reading this, or would like to find Gemma elsewhere, her links can be found below.


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Why Speaking About Sex With Your Partner Is Important

Honey, can we talk about sex


Being open and honest with your partner is important, especially when it comes to sex. It’s one of the main things which connects two lovers the most, so speaking about it is just a must and keeping quiet would just be tragic. 


Speaking about sex is something that should be done with utter confidence. There’s nothing more beautiful than two people opening up about a subject which is so personal. Also, taking the time to understand that part of someone which is so intimate works wonders in a relationship.

Although it may feel a little nerve racking, there’s nothing wrong with asking for what you want in bed. If anything, it’s attractive. A relationship is built up on honesty, trust, love and friendship, so speaking about the one thing that brings you the closest should feel really positive. You don’t want to be playing a guessing game forever.

Once sex becomes a topic of conversation, idea’s and requests may be thrown around, some of which you may feel a little uncomfortable with, and that’s okay. You don’t have to do every single thing that’s suggested, it’s just nice to listen to each others interests and understand what you’re both in to… and hey, if you’re turned on, who knows what you might try!

Having your partner know that you’re there to listen is a huge comfort, as well as having them listen to you.  Once truthful conversations are introduced to a relationship, it instantly strengthens what you have and gives the reassurance that you’re able to speak openly to one other about anything. It’s amazing what can happen if you just open your mouth!… no pun intended.

As people we’re all different and enjoy different things, hence it’s okay to speak up. You might love something your partner does, but might want it done in a slightly different way or at another angle. Whatever it is, it’s fine to say! You may worry about offending the other person, but you shouldn’t. The only reason you’d be bringing this up in the first place would be to make sure that you’re making them feel great, which is simply because you love them. More soft, more hard, a bit left, a bit right. It’s okay to ask for what you want.

If you’re finding it a little difficult to bring up your sex life at a random point, why not try throwing ideas around when you in midst of it all? If you’re both turned on it may be easier for the both of you? Just an idea!

Sex is a chance to connect on a much higher level, so being open and honest while exploring eachothers bodies can only help you to connect even deeper. 


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A Moment

So we have this thing called life right?
But what is life other than what we make it?
See, we get so caught up in this void of trying to live in the moment and plan for the future at the same time….
But what is a moment?
A collection of vivid visuals and audios and feelings captured in a few seconds by the brain?
Or is it longer?
See we move at such a fast pace that sometime we feel like we’re missing everything
Even as I’m writing this i can tell it’s moving from topic to topic
But I’m not going to stop it.
I’ll tell you and it’s simple really.
Because this is my moment.
Every fast paced thought, every touch of this keyboard, every tap tap tap my phone makes while i write this is my moment.
As focused as I am on this do i feel like im missing out on some part of my Life?
Or feel like cold be doing something more productive for my future?
Not at all to be honest.
Take a step back and you’ll realize that every little decision you make, action you take, and word you say, all count in some way no matter how insignificant, towards your future.
Whether it be bad or good is all up to you.
But never be afraid that your missing out on life or worry that you’re not doing enough.
Because this is your moment.
So make the most of it






This has been a guest post written by Theo from The Curl Prince. If you’ve enjoyed reading this, or would like to find Theo elsewhere, his links can be found below.


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