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Friday Favourites: Abbey

And we’re back once again for another Friday Favourite! It’s been a strange week, and I am very much aware that once again I am posting this late, but I really wanted to get that Too Long post out first, so I hope you don’t mind another Friday Favourite appearing on a Sunday.

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Friday Favourites: Katie

It sounds a bit silly but it feels like all I’ve done recently is write book reviews or My Dream (insert room here) posts, or I’ve taken a massive blogging break since starting work and that is killing me, and so when I sat down to write this week’s Friday Favourite (not on a Friday, again, sorry) it was actually a relief to be doing something slightly different. So shall we find out who this week’s favourite blogger is? Well okay it was kinda given away above but shh…

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Friday Favourites: Sophie

Welcome back for another not-on-a-Friday Friday Favourite! You’re reading the thoughts of a now free for 4 months (possibly longer if I’ve failed) Katie! But enough about me – today I wanted to tell you why you should be following Sophie from Planet Whispers.



Sophie is one of my all-time favourite bloggers, and her blog header is something else all together. Seriously, even if you only go to her blog to see it then it’s worth it! Although you really should stay around and have a read of her posts, they’re so worth it!


As a 19 year old blogger, Sophie is a beauty, lifestyle and advice blogger who is in love with all things makeup and loves to share it with her ‘whisperers’. Again, I love these sorts of blogs that cover everything,  so when I first discovered her posts through Twitter I just fell in love.


My favourite post by Sophie would probably be Lost Friendships, in fact I feel like this was one of the first posts I read! I just loved how true everything she said was, and how easy it was to picture those lost friends while I read her words. Her penultimate paragraph is the one that struck me hardest, though, and I’ve actually saved it to a document of things to remind me it’s okay:


Losing friends is a huge part of life that nobody ever talks about but it happens to everyone. It hurts and that’s ok because letting go of anybody is hard. But you do have to let go. You can’t hold on forever. Moving on is simple, it’s what you leave behind that makes it difficult.


So if you’ve reached this far and still haven’t clicked onto Sophie’s blog, please do click one of the links below! Let’s give her some great stats to start the weekend with.


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Friday Favourites: Holly

Welcome back to Friday Favourites! The first of May’s Favourites is Holly from Holzieloves and I have to say I’m actually extremely disappointed in myself for not writing this post a lot sooner – sorry Holly! I genuinely thought I had!


Now once again I can’t quite remember the first time Holly and I got chatting, but I love chatting to her and she’s such an awesome person! For as long as she can remember, Holly has always had pen and paper in sight, growing her passion for writing. Her blog covers a lot of different things including beauty, lifestyle and advice. In fact, she’s currently writing a post a day this week so remember to head over to her blog to check them out! And on top of all this, she released her own book – Bullied For Being Me – on Amazon just a few months ago. I can’t say anything about it yet as I only ordered it a few days ago so come back in a few weeks to hear my thoughts!


It was hard to pick a favourite post of Holly’s, I actually really enjoy reading them all! But if I had to pick, my favourite would be Please Don’t Forget Me. It’s raw, emotional, and honest. I can’t imagine what Holly has been going through, and this post lets us have a small insight into her mind as she discusses how she is coping with her Dad’s illness. One thing she says though, is something that all of us should remember:

Make as many memories as possible, be whoever you want and don’t let anybody change you as one day that may be taken from you and you’ll wish you had lived  your life to its fullest.


So if you don’t already follow Holly, or just fancy taking a look at some of her posts, check out her links below!


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Friday Favourites: Tarnya

Hello and Happy Friday again! Can you actually believe we’re at the end of April? I know I can’t.


Today’s Friday Favourite goes out to Tarnya from Sweet Allure. I first became aware of Tarnya when I spotted her gorgeous prints floating around Twitter and I knew I just had to have all of it! Only problem is I have nowhere to display it in the flat so I have to wait… But that’s not the point. Anyway, after this, I found myself reading more and more of Tarnya’s posts and I have to say I’m actually somewhat addicted to them – diving on them the minute I see a new post is live!


So what do you know about Tarnya? She’s originally from Nottingham but currently lives in Sheffield where by day she works as a video games tester (dream job, am I right?). Tarnya started blogging as a creative outlet, not expecting herself to last more than a month. Yet, here we are a year and a half later and I am honestly so glad she didn’t stop! As with quite a few bloggers I follow, Tarnya started off blogging about one topic- beauty – but has since spread out to more of a lifestyle blogger, talking about anything that peaks her interest. One of the main reasons I love Tarnya is because she tries to post three times a week – no sooner have I read one, another appears to keep me coming back again and again for more!

One of my all time favourite posts of Tarnya’s is Anxiety: Me, Myself and a Little Thing Called Anxiety. It’s such an open, honest post about her experience with anxiety and how she was diagnosed.

I never thought much of it, it was normal to have a million thoughts going through my head at any one moment. Those moments of sheer panic before entering a room with a huge crowd of people. Or answering a phone call, any phone call, even from people I know.

I enjoy (really the wrong word here but I can’t think of the right word) reading other peoples’ experiences as it helps spread to other people just what some people go through on a daily basis. I seriously doubt this was an easy post for Tarnya to write, and I think that’s what makes it so moving to read. It’s real life, it’s not just someone’s thoughts or an idea .

If you haven’t already chatted to Tarnya, or don’t already follow her on her social media sites, check out her links below! You could find yourself with a new blogging bff:


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Remember to come back next week for another installment in my 2017 Friday Favourites series. I’m loving getting the opportunity to spread just some of the bloggers I love keeping up with, and I also love finding new people to follow! So if you’ve any recommendations for me to read as well then please do leave some links in the comments below!



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Friday Favourite: Mel

Hello and welcome back for another Friday Favourite! It’s Good Friday and so let’s make today a good Friday for Mel.

Mel’s blogging career started with a lot of questions as to whether or not it was the right thing for her to do, and honestly I am so glad she decided to start, otherwise I would never have had the pleasure of talking to her! Aged 28 and from Newcastle, Mel is a self-confessed lover of Harry Potter, gin, and the band Queen – 3 of my favourite things! Her blog, Little Miss Mel, is divided into 4 categories – Beauty, Life, Style, and Places, and I love how easy it is to find exactly what you’re looking for on her blog!

Mel’s Instagram feed is honestly #goals. If you don’t already follow her there, you should click the link below and check it out – would definitely recommend! Aside from being an awesome blogger, instagramer and everything else, Mel is so lovely to talk to and I’m so happy whenever I see her pop up in my messages or on my timeline.

Of her more recent posts, What Is A Bikini Body Anyway? is my absolute favourite. As you may have guessed from the title, Mel discusses the media’s portrayal of the perfect bikini body, and she reflects on why this is damaging to women of any age worldwide.

We aren’t the problem, media and society are. We are all different and that should be embraced rather than something to make us feel bad. Our bodies are all different, we are all going through different things in our lives.

I’ve quoted the above directly from her post, as I simply couldn’t agree more with it. Since when did anyone else have the right to judge us based solely on numbers on scales, or those little numbers stitched onto the labels of our clothes?

Another post of Mel’s that I loved reading was The Autumn Tag. I love tags, they give us as followers a chance to get to know the person sitting at the desk, typing the posts we read. Since Autumn is my favourite season, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and found myself saying “Me too!” to a lot of her thoughts. Also, the photos are amazing.

So, as always, if you don’t already follow Mel, feel free to click on the links below and check her out for yourself!

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