Easy Pancakes for Breakfast 2022!

pancake with sliced strawberry

So as usual coming down to breakfast I decided not to have the usual toast etc but wanted something more substantial and somewhat healthier. That’s when I remembered my favourite easy pancakes recipe out of The Student Cookbook. Easy pancakes that are perfect for breakfast any day of the week!

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Alternative Christmas Pudding Recipes

person putting christmas tree shaped cookies on a tray

As the big day gets closer, you may be finalising your menu. And that’s perfectly okay! What’s not okay is saying “cheese board counts as pudding” when we all know you have both. However not everyone likes the traditional Christmas pudding, and that’s okay. So today I wanted to share 3 alternative Christmas pudding recipes with you to give you some options.

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Deviously Delicious Involtini recipe

grilled aubergine on a plate with the words deviously delicious involtini in white writing.

Ah Sunday, the Sunday blues. We’re all gearing up for another week of work and all that entails. Are you waking up to reduced restrictions today? I’m jealous! But at least I can go get my car washed by someone else, or do a click-and-collect from a garden centre. Part of our Sunday includes meal planning for the week ahead. So if you’re trying to find something a little different, today’s recipe is definitely for you! Delicious involtini – roasted and stuffed aubergine – makes for the perfect meal or side dish.

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Delicious Christmas Breakfast Recipe – Festive French Toast!

Delicious Christmas Breakfast Recipe - Festive French Toast! Life With Ktkinnes

Good morning one and all, and Happy Christmas Eve! It’s the last day of Blogmas for a lot of people today, and by the time this post goes live I’ll have already done the last minute food shop! I’ll be ready for my breakfast by the time you’re reading this! Therefore, for the 24th day of Blogmas, I wanted to share a Blogmas Christmas Breakfast recipe.

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