Spinach and Bean Burrito

Okay so I wasn't really holding out much hope for this recipe when I started to cook it, but then I put it all together and oh. my. god.  It was so so tasty! And when I finished it, I just had to come here and share the recipe with you.


Smashburger Glasgow*

After a meal in Smashburger Glasgow, I simply had to come on here and tell you why you need to find your nearest Smashburger as soon as possible.


A Roast For One

Cooking for 1 doesn't always have to result in a lot of leftovers.


WW: Prawn Arrabbiata

Hello and welcome back for another foodie recipe! Today I bring you a slightly different Weight Watchers meal that comes to a grand total of 10 Smart Points per portion, including the rice it's eaten with. Prawn Arrabbiata has been a long standing favourite of mine, especially on the colder winter nights. There was always… Continue reading WW: Prawn Arrabbiata


WW Creamy “Chicken” Pasta

I tried a new Weight Watchers recipe and loved it!

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Chicken Jalousie

It was pointed out to me recently that I haven't written any recipe posts here in a while and I would like to apologise for that! Between writing other posts, and writing recipes for Bloggers Tribe, I seem to have neglected you all for too long! So here's one of my all time favourite recipes… Continue reading Chicken Jalousie


My Chilli Chicken Adventures

Hello again! So yesterday was a pre-scheduled post, and it's been so long (well... almost a week) since I got talking to you all properly. I've missed it, believe it or not. You're actually such an important part of my life and it feels weird when I'm not taking the time to sit and talk… Continue reading My Chilli Chicken Adventures

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The Wee Lochan

Firstly, before I go any further with this, please be aware this is my first time reviewing a restaurant. Not only that, but this is a review I chose to write - I haven't been asked to write it, paid for it, or anything like that and the opinions expressed here are entirely my own.… Continue reading The Wee Lochan

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Food Glorious Food

As we start Day 6 of Blogmas (that word still looks funny), I decided to share my Christmas Dinner with you all and how I prepared for it, cooked it, and just the general fun I had on Sunday. It was a magical day, and it really set the mood for Christmas Day! All that… Continue reading Food Glorious Food

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A winter meal

Hello again everyone! How are you all doing?   I was dozing off last night when I realised it's been almost a fortnight since I was snapchatting about the dinner I made for my friends, and I forgot to share with you how to make it. This is one of my favourite meals for at… Continue reading A winter meal