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    Christmas Movie Magic on Netflix, Amazon, and Disney+

    And we’re officially a week into December! Can anyone else not quite believe how quickly this month is flying in? As tonight marks the first Twitter Chat in the #ChristmasWithKtkinnes events of 2020 (which you can read all about in my Christmas With Ktkinnes Schedule 2020 post) with the theme of Christmas Movies, what better day to share with you every single Christmas movie available on Netflix UK, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ (UK)? This post contains affiliate links and information correct at time of writing.

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    100 Films Before You Die

    Eugh how is it Wednesday again already?  It seems like only yesterday I was working on last week’s Imagining the End of Lockdown post…  But here we are again! I hmmed and hahed over what to talk about this week, and after watching the first ever Star Wars film for the first time yesterday, I decided to go with 100 films to watch before you die – a cheery thought!

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    The Christmas Trap Movie Review

    Happy Saturday morning one and all! Can you believe we’re here on the 14th December already? I can’t.  And on top of getting so far into blogmas, I have a night out again tonight that I simply cannot wait for! But first, I wanted to talk to you about The Christmas Trap (or Christmas in the Heartland).

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    Christmas Movie Watch Along – Home Alone

    And it’s Monday once again. How are we all this fine morning? I’m awake and getting ready to head into work, my head still full of Saturday night’s Christmas work party – a good time! But it’s Monday and I’m ready for another week in the office.  Including today, there are only 2 more Mondays in the office before the new year, and for that reason I plan on making today a good day!

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    Christmas Films on Netflix

    Happy happy happy 8th day of December! I am already wrecked and looking forward to bed tonight, even if it isn’t my own bed! Today though, we’re chatting about the Christmas films on Netflix, and which ones you have to watch.

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    Christopher Robin

    Happy Friday everyone! How is it with you today? It’s glorious sunshine here today, and it’s not even all that late on the day. I’ll be honest, I’m still lying in bed waiting to get up and start the day, but it was a late journey in last night. But in case you’d forgotten, last week we went to see Christopher Robin. So this morning, while I have breakfast by the pool, come have a read of my thoughts on Christopher Robin.

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    Searching Review

    Happy Monday everyone! Well, It’s not an overly happy Monday, not considering how well last Monday went. Once we have a little catch up, I want to talk to you about a film we went to see last Monday – Searching – and what I thought of it.