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Paddington 2

This week is beginning to feel a little strange. After a full month of blogging, I realised it's been quite a while since I reviewed anything. Why don't we fix that with a review of Paddington 2? I'm not sure if I even tweeted about it or not actually. Last week we took a family… Continue reading Paddington 2



I watched Clue, and here's why you should too!

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My Must Sees

Since it's now officially my summer and I can stop revising for resits, I can lie in bed watching as many films as I want! Or at least as many as possible when I'm not doing family based things. So before I go any further, let's take a second to appreciate that my summer has… Continue reading My Must Sees

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Some Like It Hot

Back at GCSE level, we watched Some Like It hot as part of our English Language course. From this, we were tasked with writing a review in less than 500 words. Now, as we were watching this film in a noisy classroom on a not-great-quality tv, I feel like it's time I try rewatching Some… Continue reading Some Like It Hot

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Looking back

Once again, another month is over. Today I'm travelling back to the oh so delightful land of Northern Ireland where the only exciting thing will be seeing the animals again (Baron and Maisie). I cannot wait to see these two fluff balls again tonight! Travel is always boring and so today I have made sure… Continue reading Looking back

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Quick question

Should I sign up for Disney Life? It's  A unique digital membership giving you access to [Disney's] biggest collection of Disney movies, kids' TV box sets, books, music and apps, in one place for the first time! They have a one month free trial and then afterwards it's £9.99... Should I go for the free… Continue reading Quick question

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Freedom Writers Tonight, Nuala and I watched this incredible "feel good" film. Not sure what I was going into, as all Nuala described it as was "a teacher in a very gang based school where everyone's fighting each other",  I didn't expect to love it as much as I did. 15/10. Without a doubt, best movie… Continue reading Freedom Writers

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Blue is the Warmest Colour

   Rating: 8/10 Well to start, 3 hours is long for any film. And yet, any shorter I wouldn't have found myself as attached to the characters as I was in the end. Adele's life is changed when she meets Emma, a young woman with blue hair, who will allow her to discover desire,… Continue reading Blue is the Warmest Colour


The Bridge to Teribithia For anyone who read my blog post yesterday, you'll know that I spent the beginning of the week unwell. So on Monday night, Nuala, Jason and I sat down to watch Bridge To Teribithia, a heartwarming children's film released in 2007.  Without wanting to ruin the story, all I will say is this film… Continue reading The Bridge to Teribithia

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Mockingjay Part 2

Hello lovely friends! Firstly I must apologise, it seems my Paris post only actually was posted tonight and not last week when I wrote it. Technology doesn't like me. It's almost the end of the month already!! There's so much stuff to do and I am beginning to panic a little. Retail therapy might be… Continue reading Mockingjay Part 2