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You Do You Book Review

Today marks the book review of the first book I read in 2018 all about You Do You by Sarah Knight! Having been bought You Do You by Rachel for Christmas, I couldn’t wait to get started reading it. Continue reading “You Do You Book Review”

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Driven Book Review*

Hi everyone! Okay so we have a Sunday post today because I have a book review to share with you all! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Driven by Dane Cobain, and today’s post is all about why. Continue reading “Driven Book Review*”

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My Reads Of 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, I wanted to take a look back at all the books I read this year! How much reading did you get done this year? Continue reading “My Reads Of 2017”

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His Guilty Secret Book Review*

And today marks the last non-blogmas post of 2017! What a year it’s been… little did I think a year ago that I would be getting involved in book tours and reviews, but here we are! Today’s post is all about His Guilty Secret by Hélene Fermont. Continue reading “His Guilty Secret Book Review*”

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The Gift of Christmas*

Right some of you may remember back when I finally got my Rombouts Coffee* post to go live that I mentioned I had a book review due to go live but was having difficulty posting. Now here we are almost a week later and I can now finally say that this review is here and it is live! A huge thank you to Kelly for her patience with this, I can only apologise again for the lateness of the post. Continue reading “The Gift of Christmas*”

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Home Wrecker by Jennifer Juan*

Okay so I promise the book reviews will come to an end soon, but today I wanted to share Jennifer Juan’s latest book – Home Wrecker.  Continue reading “Home Wrecker by Jennifer Juan*”

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Christmas at Woolworths Book Review*

And the end of a busy October brings us to the book I got reading this month! Anyone else miss Woolworths? It was my favourite place ever! So when I was offered the chance to review a book set in Woolworths and at Christmas then I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on my copy! Continue reading “Christmas at Woolworths Book Review*”

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The Mirror Crack’d From Side To Side

And we’re back for the last book review of October 2017! I’m almost caught up on them all, but for now, here are my thoughts on The Mirror Crack’d From Side To Side – the 9th Miss Marple story written by Agatha Christie. Continue reading “The Mirror Crack’d From Side To Side”

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By The Sea Book Review

Yup we are back with another book review today! This one, By The Sea, was written by a friend of mine and fellow blogger, Zoe Jackson. I was so excited to read Zoe’s first published piece of work, and now I am delighted to share my thoughts on By The Sea with you. Continue reading “By The Sea Book Review”

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Victoria: Book Review

Ah Victoria, my latest royal love. If you, like me, have been watching Victoria on ITV (or STV or UTV, depending on where you live) then you should read this book. Shall we look at why? Continue reading “Victoria: Book Review”