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Christmas With Ktkinnes Schedule 2020

It’s almost time! Christmas With Ktkinnes is almost upon us, and to be perfectly honest, I am beyond excited for this festive season! We’ve been gradually setting the scene, and today I can officially confirm the final rundown of how Christmas With Ktkinnes will be run throughout the next few weeks. So if you’re a bit of a Scrooge or a Grinch, you may want to sit this one out!

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Blogmas Planning: A How To + Free Checklist

Happy happy Wednesday everybody! Now I know it may seem a little early for some of you, but for the last few months my mind has been on Blogmas Planning. So I thought, why not share my process with you all? Plus, if you keep with us, there’s even a FREE Blogmas Checklist for you to download!

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Christmas Card Swap 2020

It’s back again! As part of Christmas With Ktkinnes, I am bringing back my Christmas Card Swap for the fifth year in a row! Some of you may be thinking it’s a little early, but here we are anyway. It’s the approaching the end of September, and I’m announcing the next element of my Christmas plans!

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My Ultimate Guide to a Successful Blogmas [AD]

Two posts in one day? I’m spoiling you! But July 2020 was a successful month for so many reasons. I achieved the majority of my goals set out in my monthly goals post. I earned my first affiliate money through blogging. And I started planning for Blogmas. Not only did I start work on my Blogmas posts, but I also realised just how hard it is to find the perfect Blogmas planner. In the middle of July, I decided I was going to publish my first ebook: The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Blogmas!

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Things To Do on Christmas Eve

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally HERE! I genuinely seem to enjoy Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day as the years go on, and that’s mostly because of all the things we do as a family today. If you’re finding yourself at a bit of a loss, why not check out my suggestions below for things to do on Christmas Eve?

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Driving Home For Christmas

Happy Christmas Eve Eve everybody! It’s a Monday evening now, and you can bet that this post was scheduled to go live this morning and then I somehow reverted it to a draft! But today I wanted to share with you all my thoughts on Driving Home For Christmas. Continue reading “Driving Home For Christmas”