Brown’s Hair Salon Part 1

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Well I really don’t know where to begin with this post other than to say I am currently so jealous of anyone who lives in or near Dumfries because right now I would seriously consider making the 4 hour round trip just to get my hair done here again. So just over a week ago, the lovely Holly from Holly’s Beauty Box invited me down to Dumfries for an influencer’s event in Nelson Brown’s hair salon down there with the promise of a hairstyle by the famous team, an opportunity to meet Nelson himself, and a great day of meeting other influencers from the area. So of course I said yes! I didn’t stop and think about the travelling until after agreeing, but as I said earlier – I would happily make that journey now that I’ve been and seen just how good it is!

Brown's Hair Salon Part 1 Life With Ktkinnes

Leaving Cumbernauld around 12 o’clock, and a wrong turn at the end of the journey, we arrived about 5 minutes later than we were expected, but thankfully we didn’t miss too much! On arrival, we met Katie, the assistant manager, who took our coats and ushered us into the crowd to get a tour of the salon – perfect timing! I was immediately struck by how open and bright the main room was, but it wasn’t that awful fake light of shopping. The brick wall was actual brick, not fake, and the wooden benches were so simple and yet stunning!

Brown's Hair Salon Part 1 Life With Ktkinnes

Nelson walked us through the main room, before taking us into the back to the hair washing room and this was when I really fell for the place. With the intention of keeping everything as relaxed and comfortable as possible, the hair washing room is dark, quiet, and has soothing music playing while you get your hair washed. With Italian leather reclining massage chairs to sit in, and warm towels for your hair and shoulders, I was immediately in love with this room and couldn’t wait for the opportunity to have my hair washed!

From here, we were lead into the beauty room and met Kerry, who is the main beauty therapist there. She’s in charge of the Guinot machine that is basically a workout for your face without going to the gym (more about this later), and Nelson made a point of showing us the hair removal machine that I am now dying to have in the flat! Think how brilliant that would be for just life in general, never mind when you’ve an imbalance of hormones meaning you grow a beard every other day.

So yes, I was really interested in finding out more about this machine! Unfortunately, my body seemed to disagree with this want for information, as I started to feel quite light headed and fuzzy. I brushed it off as just needing to stop for a second, but when half the group started getting their hair done and the other half of us were going to see the facial workout in action, I had to excuse myself and sit for a good 5 or 10 minutes. Even now I’m not entirely sure what happened, but it felt like the beginning of a panic attack and all I could think was “why here? Why now? Why today of all flipping days?” but thankfully I managed to calm myself down and rejoined the group having had a rather embarrassing introduction to Nelson as he was fussing over me to make sure I was okay. I got to see the facial workout on Jordanne and Holly, and it was quite bizarre to watch!

Brown's Hair Salon Part 1 Life With Ktkinnes

A conductive gel was applied to our necks, because yes we all had this done, before Kerry drained our lymph nodes just to get better access to the muscles in our necks. Then, using the electricity probes (for want of a better word), she stretched the muscles in our neck, and we were amazed to see the reaction the other muscles had to this! Whether it was a quiver in your chin or cheek, a muscle twitch in your shoulder or arm, or even one girl’s whole head shifted as the muscles stretched and relaxed! When it was my turn, I felt the tickling buzz through my cheek and nose, but apart from a few quivers in my chin and cheek, I didn’t seem to react as much as the other girls. Apparently that’s a good thing! But I was slightly disappointed as it then meant I didn’t personally notice as much of a change as the other girls did. But I would be so excited to try this again all over my face and neck! Apparently there are machines for your entire body that would be interesting, but even just to get a full face done would be interesting!

While she was working our muscles, Kerry asked each of us about our regular skin care routines and what we thought of our skin. I told her my routine is kind of non-existent – I use miscellar water, my redness relief balm, and a normal moisturiser that I just spread everywhere. Kerry told us that miscellar water and face wipes are fine for every now and again, but really our skin needs the cleanser, toner, and moisturiser. Then she told us some ground breaking information none of us knew – your moisturiser should not be going anywhere near your eye area. The bit of skin under our eyes is apparently as thin and delicate as cigarette paper, and so putting moisturiser there is like putting the cigarette paper in a swimming pool – it’s going to absorb all the water and be ruined. Instead, we should end our moisturiser at the boney bit of the eye socket. Then, dab a little eye cream on just above where your moisturiser ended – but do not spread it right up! Literally, dab it along the line, and leave it. Throughout the time you’re blinking, your eyelashes will bring the eye cream further up and spread it evenly. Mindblowing!

I’m actually going to have to split this into 2 parts as we’re already over 1000 words! Check back next week for the hair experience!

Brown's Hair Salon Part 1 Life With Ktkinnes


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