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Boxing Day Blues

Yup, I’ve got the Boxing Day blues. Christmas is over, I’ve eaten more than enough, I didn’t drink half as much as I planned to, and yet here I am feeling sad that it’s all over for another year.
But yesterday we went to the horse races, just to pass the day. It was brilliant seeing all the fashion – some people all dolled up and others (like us) wearing as many layers as we possibly could.
Race one came and Dad managed to place, while the rest of us tore up our slips in dismay. My horse finally crossed the line 2 minutes after all the other horses, acting as if it was the winner.

I did better with the 2nd race, placing 3rd and winning back all the money I’d spent that far! Bet on the next couple and ended up only down ┬ú1.80 by the end of the day!
However it was absolutely freezing – to the point I couldn’t feel my fingers! We came home and just had an afternoon around the house and browsing the sales online. I did decide to treat myself to a few new clothes, but I’ll have to show you them another time.
Family came round to have leftovers for dinner, and it was truly a great day! Hope you all had a lovely day!
Ktkinnes xx


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  1. Sounds like a really fun day! It’s always nice to just relax with family ­čÖé I definitely have the blues too – can we fast forward to Christmas 2017 please??

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