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Blogmas Planning: A How To + Free Checklist

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Happy happy Wednesday everybody! Now I know it may seem a little early for some of you, but for the last few months my mind has been on Blogmas Planning. So I thought, why not share my process with you all? Plus, if you keep with us, there’s even a FREE Blogmas Checklist for you to download!

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I’ve now taken part in Blogmas for 5 years. And considering Life With Ktkinnes is almost 6 and a half years old, that’s quite something! Yet every year when I start planning, I always end up tweeting about it. Each year, without fail, someone asks me what is Blogmas. Which I love! It gives me a chance to gush about how much fun it is, and why I take part. So in case you’re sitting there asking the same question, this next section is for you.

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What is Blogmas?

In its simplest explanation, Blogmas is a daily blogging challenge, usually followed in December. But how people go about Blogmas differs entirely according to their preferences and/or their niche. For some people, The 12 Days Of Blogmas is their go-to. Others will blog like it’s an advent calendar. And then you have those of us who are mad enough to blog every day from 30th November right through until at least 1st January! I explain each of these fully in my Blogmas ebook. The content varies from one person to the next, as it does with any blog post, and no two people go about Blogmas the exact same way. Some people stick to purely winter/Christmas themed posts. Others just use their normal content daily. I personally like to mix and match where possible, but then that’s a benefit of being a lifestyle blogger who generally covers anything and everything at the best of times.

Blogmas Planning

Planning Blogmas for me usually starts around May/June time. It’s always when I begin to feel a slump in my motivation to keep going. So instead of focusing on upcoming content, my mind turns to planning my December posting schedule. Ever since I first took part in Blogmas, I’ve been incredibly tight about how I plan. I make a list of all my post ideas, read back through my previous years’ posts (and posts from other people!), look through Pinterest for anything fun or different to try, and then try and fit it all in to the 31+ posting days.

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After you’ve decided what you want to write and when, you think the hard part is done. But really it’s just beginning. So you’re posting daily from the last day of November until the first day of January, and you’re working full time in the middle of all this? Better get cracking on with getting that content scheduled!

My advice when it comes to Blogmas Planning is to get whatever you can written in advance. The first year I took part in Blogmas, my planning consisted of simply writing all my posts down in order on a piece of lined paper, and ticked it off as each post went live. My Blogmas planning has certainly come a long way since then!

So if you’re looking for a fun challenge this December, it’s not too late to take part! I know I say I start super early, but I know plenty of people who just wake up 1st December and start without any real thought or planning. And you can too! If you would like to join me in spreading some festive joy this December, please feel free to use my downloadable checklist to tick off for each post you write from below! The below checklist is more of a “before hitting publish” list… so if you’d like a planner that allows you to brainstorm, schedule, plan and track, you might be interested in my full Blogmas Planning Advice [AD]!

What do you think, will you be joining in with Blogmas 2020?


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