My Christmas Card Swap 2017

My Christmas Card Swap 2017 Life With Ktkinnes
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I can’t believe we’re at this time of year again already! Also can’t believe that we’re officially at the start of the last weekend before Christmas 2017… time really has flown by this blogmas! Almost time to start planning for next year.

As you may or may not be aware, I once again ran my Christmas Card Swap this year. Unfortunately I was a little slow in getting my cards out, so I’m not even sure if anyone has theirs yet, but this year it was even bigger than last year!

With a grand total of 43 bloggers and twitter users taking part from all over the world, I am so excited that everyone got to take part! Hopefully everyone received at least one card!

I loved all the cards I received, and I hope you all did too! I’ll definitely be running this again next year, so keep an eye out for the post going live with the sign up form. I’ll be tweaking it a bit again to try and make it even better, but hopefully anyone who took part will join in again!

Christmas Card Swap 2021: Festive Cheer is Here!

Did you sign up this year? Or will you be signing up next year? Let us know below!

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