BLOGMAS IS HERE! (Plus a Giveaway) Life With Ktkinnes

BLOGMAS IS HERE! (Plus a Giveaway)

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It’s bizarre to think we’re at this time of year again already, but here we are! I actually considered not doing it again this year, but here we are, and I’m glad I changed my mind!

Christmas in the new flat is an interesting one. Jason, Mary and Nuala aren’t here to tell me I’m going crazy, but living on my own has opened up so many possibilities! Although I must admit it will be rather odd decorating by myself tonight. Well, I won’t be truly alone – I have Mr Bublé and Ms Twain for company!

Before I go any further into my first day of blogmas post, I thought I’d do a quick trip down memory lane. Anyone who was following me last year might remember – I had a daily song countdown until Christmas Day! This year, I knew I needed to do something. I was sitting on 1st October watching It’s A Wonderful Life when it hit me – I’m doing a film countdown! At the time of writing, and even today when I woke up, I decided I want to try and actually watch each of these films until Christmas Day, but we’ll see how that goes.

So to start us off with Day 1, today’s film is Santa Claus: The Movie (1985) – see the trailer below!

This is one of my all time favourite films, and it’s a great way to start the festive season! So I hope we can all find the time to sit and watch this tonight.

So, as is customary for the start of the new month, I wanted to take a look at November’s goals, and maybe set a few basic ones for December. Then I have a little giveaway below, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

November was hectic to say the least! I started the month by spending the night at Mary and Nuala’s after watching The Apprentice and having a much craved Chinese takeaway! I was out celebrating Lucy’s birthday, and got to see Lucy (obviously as it was her birthday…), Paul, Hannah and Josie! We had a good catch up, a lovely dinner out, a few drinks in Hillhead Bookclub, and then managed to stay up really late to chat and put up my airbed! I spent the night there, before leaving soon after breakfast. A quick journey home before a quick turn around to get up to Rachel in Edinburgh on time for lunch. Unfortunately, the traffic had other ideas. Roadworks meant a diversion into the Asda car park, and after 45 minutes of the car not moving, I parked up and walked to her. We had lunch and went to go back for the car, only for the traffic to not have moved since I left it! We tried again for half an hour, then decided we’d just go into town. This idea kind of fell apart when we realised the bus would also be stuck in that traffic. So back we went, and we just sat in the car until we finally got the car out of the car park at about 5. Did I mention I drove into the carpark just after 1 o’clock? That night we went to see Murder On The Orient Express (great film! Go see it if you haven’t already!) and out for a few drinks with her friends. Bonfire night, I stayed in and just collapsed on the sofa – I was shattered! Another week of work came, and then that weekend I went to Brown’s Hair Salon in Dumfries! It was a brilliant day! Sunday was yet another day of cooking, cleaning, and trying to keep on top of everything else. Monday came around again, and this week I was feeling less tired and more ready to take everything on. The week passed without much happening, but Friday night saw me curl up on the sofa to watch Children in Need on the BBC. I was about to turn the TV on when I got a twitter notification to say I had won a giveaway I’d entered! The prize? A download of The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs! Friday was looking brilliant! So I watched Children in Need and played The Sims, and finally went to bed around 2am. Saturday say my first lie in in ages! I actually slept until after 9! And yes, that is now a lie in for me. I then spent the day blogging, and on Sunday I went to see the lights being turned on at the Loch Lomond Christmas Market. Once again, Monday morning came all too soon. However, when Friday came I ran out the door of the office and drove to Edinburgh again! Rachel and I were going to the rugby on Saturday to see Scotland play Australia! Now, we went expecting Scotland to lose, and the atmosphere was brilliant! And for it being my first time at a proper rugby match, I was so excited! Sunday then saw me trying to clean, cook, and prepare for the upcoming week. And here we are on Friday, the 1st of December, and I cannot wait to get home and get the decorations up!

As I’m sure you can expect, December is looking set to be a crazy month. Between blogmas here, on BloggersTribe, work, Christmas shopping to do, and everything else you would expect, I’m not sure if I’ll ever get any sleep! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. What do you have planned for the next few weeks?

November’s goals were fun to get through though! Need a reminder of them? Well here’s how I got on with them!

  • Spend at least 1 hour a week with friends – I managed this this month! It felt good to know I would at least seem someone for an hour a week, even if that’s all it was.
  • Read one book – Well this month I read Home Wrecker, The Gift of Christmas, and His Guilty Secret! Click on the titles to find my reviews of them, and you should definitely consider buying them either as a Christmas present for friends and family, or even in a little treat yourself moment!
  • Keep my blogging schedule – Apart from 3 days, I managed to stick to my schedule! And that day was because of some glitch that meant the post was published but hidden… no idea what happened but I found out how to fix it and that’s the main thing! And life took over in the last week – sorry!
  • Use a hair mask once a week –  yeah okay so I didn’t do this one… I haven’t used a hair mask since I left the old flat… Probably back before Leeds! So that’s one I didn’t manage. Ah well, next time!
  • Lose the next half stone – I managed to lose 7.4lbs in November, putting me at the total loss so far of 53lbs! While I’m still a long way off my goal weight, you have no idea how good it feels to know I can do this! If I can reach the 4 stone (only another 2lb to go!) off by Christmas then I will be delighted! I’m pretty sure I can do this! 4 weeks… can I lose half a pound a week between now and New Year’s Eve?

Since December is a crazy month, I’m just going to set a few small goals:

  • Reach a total weight loss of 56lbs – I am so close to this goal! We can do this, Katie, we can do this…
  • Read one book – even if the review has to wait until January to be posted, I want to read another book. I can’t wait to share my total number of books read this year with you!
  • Successfully take part in Blogmas – here’s hoping!
  • Find a new job for January – well the way things have gone, I kinda need to do this…  but all this would’ve been avoided if they had just honoured the leave I requested before I started working!

So… now for the fun part of today’s blog! Some of you may remember last year’s Christmas giveaway! While I cannot physically do something as spectacular as last year’s giveaway, I do have a giveaway running! It’s a mystery prize, but all I can say is you’d be daft not to take part!

Terms and Conditions:

1. You must be following me on Twitter, following BloggersTribe on Twitter, and following my blog, Life With Ktkinnes. This is a mandatory requirement. After this, you can gain extra entries by completing the other options.
2. Only one person will win this prize.
3. Prize will be sent via tracked or recorded postage.
4. Open to U.K. residents only i.e. England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
5. All Entries will be checked to make sure you are still fully complying with the rules.
6. **NO GIVEAWAY ACCOUNTS. They will be disqualified** I cannot stress this enough!
7. Winner will be announced 25th December at 10am. They then have 72 hours to reply to me before another winner will be picked.
8. Items will be posted by January 25th and I will keep in contact with the winner to keep them updated.
9. I am not responsible for any damage to the prizes during delivery.
10. Running from 01/12/2017 to 24/12/2017.

So now that you know all the rules…. Here’s the link! Good luck to you all!

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  • Hello Bexa

    Oh wow Katie 💕 that’s awesome, I’m also watching 20 festive films over the next few weeks so I can review them all in the build up to Christmas. I’m on number 6 at the moment 😄 it’s so much fun! Santa Claus is also on my list too! And I’m watching It’s A Wonderful Life tonight. So far I’ve seen Love Actually, Christmas Carol, Father Christmas, The Holiday, Deck The Halls & Nativity. Some are better than others 😂. It will be great to read your thoughts on the films too 😘. Also, congrats on your weight loss – that’s amazing! Good luck with your December goals and fab start to Blogmas. I’m excited to read more! ❤️ xx

    Bexa |

  • withanoceanviewblog

    Oh Katie you amaze me and inspire me so much! Congrats on your weightloss it’s awesome you’re reaching your goals and I am sure you will smash your December goals, I can’t wait to read your blogmas posts. I love that Santa Claus movie but my all time favourite Christmas movie is The Grinch. Good luck with your Blogmas & Goals! xx

  • Charlene McElhinney

    You are doing amazing darling! ❤️

    I can’t wait to read your blogmas content religiously – you never cease to amaze me!! You’re doing so many incredible things!! Xx

  • Ffi

    Well done girl! Three books in November is fabulous. I’m hoping to be really festive this year by watching Christmas films and listening to Christmas songs! I’ve already got a CD ready in the kitchen and we’ve set up Netflix on our new TV. I am so ready for the next four weeks.
    Good luck with blogmas! I’m also participating this year and my post went up at 7am this morning, hoping to keep this going all month!

  • Nicola J Ogston

    What a fab idea of watching a different Christmas movie everyday. I can’t remember the last time I watched Santa Claus the movie. It’s a great film. Thank you for reminding me of it.
    I’m doing 12 Days Of Blogmas rather than committing to the whole month, it’s my first ever one. Hopefully I’ll enjoy it and not get frazzled.

  • thatmummarocks

    You have done so well with your weight loss this year I’m dead proud of you! Btw Santa Claus the movie is probably one of my favourites, it reminds me so much of my childhood, I’ll never stop watching it! Can’t wait for the rest of your posts! Xx

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