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Blogging Through The Ages Life With Ktkinnes
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AD | Looking back at it, I have officially been blogging for 7 years and 3 months now. Which is kind of scary to think about to be honest! The fact that day after day you return, reading my blogging through the ages, genuinely brings me so much joy and happiness! And through this time, blogging has certainly evolved. Even if my blogging style hasn’t!

I was reading another post over the last few days by a fellow blogger. In it, they reflected on the issues with being a part-time blogger, the way I am. From having the time, to making your blog more than you first imagined it, blogging through the ages has certainly changed!

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Back when I first started Life With Ktkinnes, I just wrote. Content planning was non-existent. In fact, recently I cam across an old post of mine that literally stated I was bored and was looking for suggestions for what to do! Images were added when it suited, and I didn’t have a clue about alt text for them. In fact, SEO in general was an unknown. I seriously regret the way I started blogging, but do I really regret starting? There are times I do.

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Blogging Through The Ages: 2014 – 2015

Oh I had to go right back to the start, didn’t I? Were you around back then? Let me know in the comments below! As I started off saying, my posts were ridiculously informal. We had daily thoughts, posts at any time of day or night, and I was lucky if they had 300 words in them a piece. Having started blogging back in 2014 as a way to document the things I was doing, I started off to university and promptly forgot to post at all. Well, until 2015 when a friend had her drink spiked. However as I started my second year of university, I gravitated back towards my corner of the internet and found myself writing more. It was then I discovered the blogging community online.

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Social Media and Blogging

Around the time of getting back into my writing and posting, I discovered an article on how to increase your blog views. I set up Twitter accounts, and flicked between having a Facebook page and then disabling it multiple times. However, I did very promptly discover the blogging community on Twitter. As I began to speak with these bloggers, many of whom I was terrified of as they seemed so professional, I discovered Twitter chats of old, and advice on how to grow as a blogger.

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The Blogging Community

The online blogging community really helped me learn, and in turn I began to grow as a blogger. When scrolling through social media in 2016, I accidentally signed up to be a part of a group chat, and within 48 hours we had started a retweet account and Twitter chat. Do you remember the GRLPOWR era? Ah those were the days… And while I have many regrets about how things turned out, and how much energy I put into it, I did learn a lot as a blogger from the girls in the group with me. Plus, it was through this group that I cemented a genuine friendship with Jordanne, and that is one thing I will never regret. The blogging community can introduce you to some wonderful people and ideas, so if you’re new to the community you definitely should stick around. I can’t force you to interact with your fellow bloggers, but I can highly recommend you do!

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The People You Meet

As I was saying, the bloggers you interact with online truly shape the way you change your blogging through the ages. Jordanne first introduced me to paid blog work and influencer marketing, and why it was important to use royalty-free images or your own. Francesca introduced me to the blogging challenge that is Blogmas. Kayleigh taught me to actually value my work and to work smarter not harder. And then you’ve the bloggers I haven’t interacted with but have learnt a lot from.

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There are bloggers who manage collaborations with Disney. Or Hotel Chocolat. Or their favourite hotel chain. They turn their passion and hobbies into a proper career. Blogging and writing their way along the journey. One such blogger is Jennifer from The Beerded Lady. She managed to take a love for craft beer and turn it into her quest to show the world which beers we should be drinking. Am I slightly jealous of her path? Yes. But then again, I’ve managed to take my love for Christmas and turn it into a blog. Albeit a part-time blog. But you get my point. Jennifer is an inspiration, as are many other bloggers in the community. You only need know where to find your inspiration!

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Blogging Through The Ages: Then vs Now

All I can say, when comparing blogging through the ages of when I first started and where we are now, is that there is always room for more bloggers. Whatever your niche or passion, regardless of full or part time. If we continue to read and support each other, there will always be room for growth. WHich is why I’m opening up the comments again with a simple request. Pop your questions and thoughts below. Let us help and support each other. You never know, you may find yourself making a friend for life by asking a simple question!

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3 thoughts on “Blogging Through The Ages

  1. Jaya Avendel

    I have been blogging for almost four years and do not necessarily feel like that much has changed for me by way of technology or trends.

    I remember starting out, though, I had no idea how powerful a tool social media could be to forge connections and I did not know what SEO stood for. Four years has given me time to grow and learn, make friends, and keep reaching for new heights.

    Love that you share some of your blogging reflections! <3

  2. Jaya Avendel

    I have been blogging for about four years now and do not feel like too much has changed for me in terms of trends and style.

    When I started out, though, I did not know how helpful social media can be in forming connections and sharing my writing, nor did I know what SEO stood for. In four years, I have learned a lot and grown, made new friends, and I am always reaching for new heights.

    Love that you share your blogging journey and what it has taught you here!

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