Black Saturday

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That was a strange day. I spent the day at the Black Saturday parades on a picnic with the family.

For anyone who doesn’t understand, Black Saturday is basically the end of the marching season in Northern Ireland. We went to Tom’s house and watched out the window and had a fab day. Well it was until everyone started reminiscing. I don’t think I can cope with it all yet to be honest. I still tear up at the thought of him. Probably not wise to watch Les Miserables again then… But that is what I am doing!

I know they’re all poor and covered in dirt in their old clothes but I do love a lot of the actresses in this, special mention to Samantha Barks. Most people don’t like Eponine as a character but not knowing anything from the story apart from what I’ve watched, I can’t help but feel a connection to her. She’s in love with someone who barely knows she exists and has no understanding of how she feels for them. “On My Own” voices this loneliness and, if I can say it, displeasure in herself. The way I interpret her character, remembering again that this is only my opinion, is that she loves Marius but hates herself for loving a man who isn’t interested in her and with whom she has no hope of being with. Spoiler alert, scroll now if you don’t know the story: The fact she dies saving this one man crushes me every time.

I shall say goodnight now as I watch Anne Hathaway pouring her soul out into song. Just means soon Amanda Seyfried will be along with her amazing range of vocals… Jealous? Me? Course I can hit those notes in my sleep…. I wish… But practice makes perfect, right? Maybe I’m more similar to Eponine than I realised! Goodnight everyone, hope you have a good Sunday!
Ktkinnes xxx

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