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Birthdays Near Christmas

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Let me start by saying that this post was in fact inspired by the fact it’s my mum’s birthday today so a big happy birthday to her even though she’ll not see this!


So we all know that Christmas is the celebration of that one birth, but what about the many people who celebrate their birthdays this month? Or even at the start of January?


Every year I promise myself I’ll start planning mum’s birthday earlier. I’ll buy the card earlier. Dad will be more organised. There’s just so much we could do better, but still every year it turns out the same way – a mad dash this last week to get organised, followed by a dash around next week to sort Christmas because we kind of forgot about it in the stress of getting Mum’s birthday sorted.


So what exactly am I here to say about Christmas birthdays? Just a few tips –

  1. Make a note of what you buy the birthday person for Christmas and Birthday each year – with them being so close together, you’re likely to forget what you bought last year and accidentally repeat.
  2. Buy that birthday card early! It is so difficult to pick a birthday card in December when you’re surrounded by Christmas cards.
  3. Don’t combine presents if you can help it. They know themselves that money’s tight and ideas are hard to come by, but don’t make it worse by giving one present for both if you can help it. They’ve waited all year for both to come around. Unless it’s a really good present. Like I think this depends on the person, but sort of think it applies.
  4. On that note, try not to buy Christmas themed stuff for birthday presents unless asked to. We wouldn’t buy Mum a Christmas decoration unless she specifically wanted it, and we wouldn’t just make do with Christmas wrapping paper (unless it was the night before and we literally had nothing done).
  5. Book that table early for your meal out. The likelihood is you’re going to find the good restaurants will also be catering for Christmas Work parties, or they’ll only be offering their Christmas menu. So make sure you do your research and get in there early.


Do you have a Christmas birthday? Or do you have any tips on how to be better organised for them? Let us know below!

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