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Last few hours of being a teenager!!! As of tomorrow, my biography part of this blog will change to “20 year old”, it’s rather scary isn’t it?

Thinking back, I remember turning 8, my last birthday in Scotland. I felt so old and mature when I phoned my Papa to tell him that I had got a Busted CD as my main present from my aunt, to which he replied “Oh dear, well I’m sure the shop will change it for you!” He didn’t know Busted was a band and I didn’t have a clue why I would want the shop to change it!

My 10th birthday we went to the fun pool at the local swimming pool, the one with all the slides. I remember it mainly because I had invited a friend to my party, and after school she went missing. Like teachers phoning police, her mum phoning friends, that kind of missing. Turns out her mum had been late picking her up, so she got a lift home from her uncle and thought nothing of it! That was one to remember…

My 13th birthday, I can’t really remember. I was in secondary school and think I just met up with a school friend in town or something. I got a pink Sony Eriksen mobile phone and was able to take my first pictures using the “brilliant” camera it had. Oh how times change…

The next big one was 16. In 5th year and apparently getting too old for birthdays, I just had a friend around for dinner. Couldn’t tell you what I got that year as my present, it just sort of blended into nothing I think that year.

18 years old and I was apparently an adult. With a new laptop from mum and dad, I arranged a birthday party for myself. It was a strange night but was alright I guess. It definitely wasn’t what I thought it would be.

This year I finally leave my teens. Who knows, maybe 10 years from now I’ll look back and laugh at what an idiot I was for being scared of what was to come. The past 10 years have flown by and a lot has changed in this time.
I shall say goodnight to you now, the last one as a teenager!! 😁 Hope you all had a pleasant Tuesday!
Ktkinnes xxx

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